Fabulous & Favorite Friday

posted on: Friday, January 21, 2011

Here are some images from the likings of my little soul for you to enjoy today! Hope you had a great week! I have a SWEET post coming later today...don't miss it! ;) So, here are the fabulous and favorite friday loves. Muah!

boho fab

my new favorite baby shoe company, chook leaf based out of australia.

this headband...LOVE.
my friend charis on her wedding day.

messy hair is always my favorite

this still works...yes, it wants to be in my craft room. etsy find.


yes, once again free people has stolen the affections of my fashion soul.

i don't know exactly why, but this is one of my favorite images this week. again, by my favorite stylist, Jean Murray

these fabulously amazing feather earrings are SO wanting to adore my ear lobes. ;) i found them on etsy HERE
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5 thoughts:

  1. I love these Jess! You have such an incredible sense of taste! And I love your way with words. You are just adorable!

  2. Ooo I love all this stuff! So cute!

  3. adorable finds! i'll be here every friday for sure :)

  4. That TV is awesome. I want it!

    And how cool is free people?

  5. Thanks for sharing! Love it all! :) Have you heard of Jasmin Sparrow? I've recently fallen in love with her feather creations :)


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