24 Weeks

posted on: Sunday, April 18, 2010

Who says you can't wear cut off shorts and boots while your pregnant. Well, let me tell you just because I happen to be carrying a baby around in my middle isn't going to keep me from being boho stylin' this summer! Here are some of my maternity pics from my 24th week! 

photo credits: Tirzah Photography

Daddy Feels Little Boy

posted on: Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3 days ago Sam felt our little dude move for the first time. :) We were at a going away party for some dear friends of ours who are moving away. While sitting there I could feel our little guy doing his nightly routine of tumbles in my tummy, I reached over and grabbed Sam's hand and placed it on my bump. He looked over with dazzled eyes and said, "I felt that!"

I'm a happy girl.

"Girl Meets Gown" Premier

posted on: Sunday, April 4, 2010

The show we are on has released a commercial! Tune in to WEtv on April 25th, Sunday at 9 pm CT!

Sweaters: Out. Tank Tops: In.

posted on: Friday, April 2, 2010

Week 21.

Appointment with Damaris (midwife). She says I'm measuring further along then we thought. Hmmm... my boy's got some growing spurts going on.

So, my bump is growing and my little adventurer is squirming and kicking about. Spring is finally here and the sun tells me I need to put away my winter things. Away with the sweaters and out with the tank tops! woooohooo baby!

Since finding out our little dude is a "dude" I'm finding that you have to dig a little harder to find boho things for little boys. Really, in anything to do with baby. There seem to be more girl options then boy options. Hmmmm... The hunt is on but places like, "L'oved Baby" and others show promise to be good to my boho heart. I can't wait.

Here are a couple of pics from today after a long glorious day out and about with family and loves.