Moving Day

posted on: Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How many times have you ever moved? Geeez Louise, this is exciting! I have moved a TON in my lifetime. So, I'm no stranger to moving vans or packing tape. We were out at our new place until around 10 last night.  We were whipping out the mops, all purpose cleaner (the safe kind) and a yummy candle or two. Sam and I had so much fun! You know how old houses can smell, like your great-grandpa's sock drawer or old coin collection? Yep, kinda stinky. So, we brightened it up a bit with some cleaning sunshine. Káel LOVED exploring and playing as we started to transform the place. 

We are about to go pick up the van this morning.  After that I will be dropping little boho boy off at at my dear friend Lauren's house. That way, I can help move boxes and tie up some loose ends after all the big stuff has been loaded up. (We have some friends of ours who are coming over to help us.) Lauren has 2 boys, Oliver is 3 and Dashel is 1. They all love playing with each other so much so it's like a play day for sweet boy! Thank you girl so SO much! <3  You can check out Lauren's blog HERE.

I wanted to share some more instagram pics with you guys. The first two are of me and my boys right after we had a play session in a summer rain shower a couple days ago. Oh my goodness! It definitely went into my treasure chest of favorite memories. Káel loved it, squealing and giggling, as we acted all crazy together. We all 3 were totally drenched afterwards, but so happy! 

I've got to go round up Forest boy's diaper bag for the day and then go with Sam to pick up the moving van! BUTTERFLIES! See ya'll on the other side! :) Have a happy, peaceful day! 

Oh, by the way, thank you guys for being so sweet and flooding us with sweet comments yesterday. I had so much fun reading them :) Y'all are the sweetest!

Rain soaked 

Yes, Baby Einstein once again. 

Meet "Puppy" Káel's ultimate love, from Ikea. He sleeps with it ever night now and drags it through the house. He gets just as excited to see this as he does me. ;) 
We stopped for a treat at one of my all time fav restaurants, Pei Wei after taking the first wagon of things over to the new place, oh yum! I love fortune cookies and when I opened this, I decided to keep it and put it in my "sweet memories" box. 

The Forest boy playing in our new living room while we unload some dishes and clean.

Baby Einstein Boy

posted on: Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yesterday we got so much done! While packing, I made a little fort for Forest boy out of a box and gave him my iPhone with the Baby Einstein app. He laid there for over 20 minutes, completely mesmerized by the Mozart and Ocean videos, just chillin'. :) I thought it was the cutest thing ever and wanted to share!

Today is our last day in our yellow house. It's kind of bittersweet. More on the sweet side though. Since moving to the Carolinas, after Sam and I got married, I've only lived right across the border of Charlotte, in a sweet little South Carolina town. :)  So, it's kind of a big deal. I'm SUPER stoked though. We are going to take the first car load over to the new bungalow this afternoon! There is something magical about having the key to your new house on your key ring. Time to plan where the furniture is going to be placed and put our china away in the cabinets. I'm dancing a happy dance that the move is almost over and that peace, calm and active creativeness can happen in my life a little more easily again. ;) Maybe my next post will be from our new house!?

Beautiful Tuesday to you lovelies!

He pulled the top flap down and was quite cozy in his little secret fort. 

Kissable belly!

2 Days Left

posted on: Monday, July 25, 2011

We have 2 days left before the moving van pulls up and we load up all of our trinkets and pretty things  to our new little house! As much as I can say I'm excited, I also feel the urge to pull my curls out! AH! If you have ever moved, you know how it is...especially towards the end. There is STUFF everywhere! Little odds and ends that somehow keep appearing out of nowhere. All the little baubles and misc. items, I swear seem to be breeding like bunnies while we sleep. I've been pretty proud of how organized I have been in my mad packing skills this move. But, these last 2 days are gonna stretch me. Forest boy has been a trooper and going with the flow, like a champ. A couple of my friends have offered to watch him while we do the heavy work, which is AMAZING. Thanks girls! <3 

It makes me sad that I'm so behind on Káel's monthly growing posts. :( I think I'll try to just do a 3 month recap with pictures, once we are all moved in. This move has been so time and brain consuming that it's scattered my blogging brain a bit. But, I'm really excited and looking forward to getting back in the writing groove, hopefully in the next couple of weeks! Thanks for hanging in there with us! :)

I thought I'd share some pics from this past week, using the Instagram app! If you have it, you can follow our day to day journey! username "bohobabybump" 

Well, it's off to packing again I go! Happy day dears!
This is pretty much what I have looked like every day this past week. 
Helping mommy "pack" by re-sorting some misc. things in the bathroom. yes, those are pads left over from his birth. ha!

Big deal for me: organizing, sorting through and getting rid of my jewelry collection before it goes in a box. 

His latest obsession, cars. 

i couldn't remember the last time i had had a "cheat" drink from starbucks. Sam brought me one while packing. the mocha-cocconut iced coffee.....gasp. so good!
A couple days ago, I got to take a small break in the evening and have what was supposed to be a netflix movie night with some girl friends. We ended up talking and laughing 'til midnight instead (which i think is much better ). ;) I tossed on a scarf, some mascara and earrings before heading out the door .
Styling Sarah's hair. We all felt like we were 12 again. 

Fox Dolls

posted on: Sunday, July 24, 2011

While surfing for some inspiration on the web, early this morning, I stumbled across these Takyaje fox dolls, by Russian designer Nalogina Lubov.! The AMAZING details that she put into these little pieces of art, truly amazes me. Can I have one please? I have been a little crazed with doll making inspiration and desire lately, so I squealed when I found these. Can I just say that these have totally inspired me, big time! With having so many little, baby girl loves in my life right now, I can't WAIT to stitch some goodies up for them! When I get moved and settled, I plan on doing just that and putting my sewing machine and sewing box back into use again. Speaking of moving, I better get going so I can get back to some more packing...just a few more days! Meanwhile, you guys can check out more of  Nalogina's work on her flickr stream, HERE. Enjoy and have a beautiful Sunday! 

Date Night Threads

posted on: Friday, July 22, 2011

Date night last night was a-ma-zing! For the occasion, I wore a sweet little dress that I found at Buffalo Exchange . You should definitely see if you have one in your neck of the woods. It is awesomeness! I blush as I confess to you that I don't have any dressy, fancy-smancy shoes.  So, I decided to take the dress in a casual, earthy direction and wear my comfy Minnetonka moccasins instead of buy something extra. With my Free People leather belt, some silver, leafy earrings from Green With Envy plus, a silver cuff, I was good to go.


This dress is SO comfortable! Also, if you don't have a pair of Minnetonka's, you don't know what you're missing! I live in them,  even in the summertime.)
SO funny! You guys know my amazing friend Kara, from Matt & Kara Adopt blog? Well, obviously we both have incredible taste...haha. We showed up in the same dress last night. Get this, she bought her dress at the Buffalo Exchange in California last week, and I bought mine here in Charlotte 2 days ago! HA! We thought it was hilariously awesome! TWINSIES! 

Summer Braid: Free People

posted on: Thursday, July 21, 2011

Free People is my all time favorite. Here is a fun tutorial to change up your typical braid. :) Enjoy! 

Packing, Packing, Packing...Oh, and A Date!

Although it looks all clean and calm in the background, let me assure you, it is NOT! Káel has a new forest of cardboard boxes to explore and crawl over while we pack up our yellow cottage dream land. There is stuff everywhere!  It has been interestingly easy for me to work around little boy's naps though. ;) The stress level is a little high at times. Our tv's are officially off the walls which means Baby Einstein is available only on our computers and the entire upstairs is ready to be loaded in a moving truck. My brain feels so scattered at times. Oh, and our fridge is on day 6 of being totally dead. Our landlord gave us a mini freezer that we have been using. It kinda feels like we are camping.

I feel like my brain is running a million miles an hour! I'm planning an amazing baby shower for a dear friend that will take place the weekend after we move into our new casa.  Then, Forest boy has his first and I haven't even gotten a chance to do any real organizing of my thoughts for that. It will all come together. I have a tendency to put more on my plate than I can eat. I want to do SO many things and a lot of times it ends up biting me in the booty. We are SO excited to be moving into our new little bungalow though!! I keep telling myself, one more week Jess, then you can nest and decorate and go on walks in the pretty neighborhood. My heart gets so excited just thinking about it! Eeeee!

Today I'm babysitting little miss Anthem again which I enjoy so much. While the kids play, I'm going to try and squeeze in a few boxes here and there. Then, tonight my handsome man and I have a long overdue date night. Even though logically it doesn't make sense to let up in our moving venture less than a week before we move, or spend the extra does make sense in the heart department. It's so important for Sam and I to have grown-up time with each other, away from the diapers and bottles,  without thinking about Forest boy's next meal or all the other wonderful details of being a parent. Being our little boy's mom and dad is the best thing ever, but to keep that the best thing ever, we need to keep our hearts full of each other.  Date night is like a treat to that part of us. We even went to Buffalo Exchange yesterday and swapped some of our threads for a new dress for me and some new duds for Sam, to make it extra fun and special.  Well, little missy and my little adventurer are getting into something "amazing," I better go check on them. :)
I took a 5 min break yesterday and spray painted these once brown wooden  frames that go to the cross-stich pictures my great-great grandma made. :) They have always gone in the hallways of my families homes and now, they will go in our new little hallway! Who says you can't whip out the spray paint can in the middle of moving chaos? It gave me a creative boost I greatly needed. ;)
Sam and I knocked Káel's room out yesterday.

Have a fabulous Thursday! I hope you find a heart full of things to love and enjoy today.


Hard To Say Goodbye

posted on: Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yesterday, one of my dearest friends moved very far away. I've mentioned Kristina several times here on the blog and shared how much I love her. Let me tell you something about this girl.  She is the kind of friend that always reminds me of who I was, am and want to be, no mater how I feel or see myself in the moment. We get each other's hearts so well, it's crazy! (I will NOT cry...sigh.) She's been a voice of encouragement for me and a sparkle of sunshine.  She was one of the very first friends that I made when I first moved to the Carolinas, right after Sam and I got married. The first time I ever hung out with a group of married gals, as a married lady myself, she was there. We were pregnant together, her little girl was Forest boy's first playmate and I just love the living daylights out of the girl!

Sunday night, I got to hang out with Kristina and her sweet little darlin', Adoration, the night before they hit the road.  I so was  happy that I was able to spend the last evening with them.  I brought Kael with me, so he and his little buddy could enjoy each other again before they left. THE coolest thing happened while we were watching the kiddos play; Adoration took her first steps! I love that little girl like she's my own blood,  so it was a very epic moment.

The whole evening I had to tell myself that she was really leaving. It just didn't and still doesn't seem real. We talked as our babies played, and we reflected on sweet memories we had shared together.  We found ourselves tearing up. It was the sweetest kiss of a moment to my heart!  As we said goodbye, another gush of waterworks were flowing, pretty freely, while I loaded little boy in the car...actually, I was kind of sobbing. It was a sweet moment.

You know, it's funny how it can hit you like a brick in the face, when you realize that there’s gonna be a big empty spot, when someone you really care about is going to be gone. Although, Kristina isn't gone, she's just out exploring with her family, out by the ocean for a while. Right? ;)

We are already planning future vacations down to the beach land of Florida, where they are moving.  And of course we will still have our annual adventure trip with our community of girl friends. A few hundred miles aren’t going to stop THAT from happening! I've also been picturing all the fun and amazing new stories that Kristina and her family will get to experience, as they settle into their new home and life on the beach. That's kept my heart so happy and away from a sad place. We've all been telling her that she HAS to blog extra pictures so we can stay updated. You guys can follow her journey HERE.

I'm gonna miss you Kristina, like nobody's business!  Thank you for being an inspiration of trueness and hope for my heart. I love being your friend. Happy travels and joyful adventures. I can't wait to hear all about it.

This Weekend

posted on: Friday, July 15, 2011

You guys, it's official! We got the house!!!! Aaaaaaaah! We are SO excited! I've dreamed of living in a little 1950's bungalow for a while now and I'm beyond excited to finally get to nest in one! We have HUGE trees, the biggest deck I've ever seen, a mega big yard with a creek behind our fence! On my new back porch it feels like I'm in the magical woods, for reals! Birds like crazy, lots of shade and we have a tree in our new front yard for a tree swing for the Forest boy! We move in in just over a week and my heart has butterflies! We will be a hop, skip and a jump away from SO many of my favorite spots in Charlotte, which will be so nice, especially since gas has gotten so expensive, plus lots of our friends are close by. 

Today is another full day, let me tell ya! Cleaning, packing, then this afternoon a couple of gals are coming over to talk cloth diapering (Lorean, my cloth diaper guru is leading the discussion.) Then tonight, me and my boys get to watch one of my favorite little girls, Micah.  Saturday is a big event, more than worthy of a mention. You guys, 4-5 families, all friends of ours are joining forces to have a HUGE garage sale. I don't think you can even grasp how much stuff there will be. To top it off, we will have live jazz/bluegrass music provided by 2 of the husbands. Yes, live music. I'm so excited! Hopefully we will sell all of our extra stuff that we have no desire to move and have a grand time! I'll be sure and take pics and do a post on the day. :)  Did I mention that we have gotten ALL of our top quality packing boxes for free from a nice family off of craigs list? Yep, most of them have lids and handles, it's been such a blessing. Well, I'm off to my check list for the day with Over the Rhine playing throughout the house. Have the loveliest of Fridays and a restful weekend! 

his new favorite adventure and free entertainment...the box caves. 

A Day with Anthem

Yesterday, I got to babysit my friend Lindsay's beautiful little girl, Anthem. Some of you guys might remember me posting some pics of her sweet little self before. We spent the day playing with Káel's cars and finding some old lace which we made headbands and jewelry out of. (Once the Forest was asleep of course, he would have none of that.) ;) I had so much fun with her. She took a major liking to our piano, and she would sing with me as I "La la la-ed" throughout the house. It was pretty much preciousness. Of course Káel needed to show her everything, especially how to play the keys... I had a smile on my face all day.  (I've come to the conclusion that I need a little girl in my life.)
wanna start an indie folk band? yeah, lets.
this might be one of my favorite pictures i've ever taken. blurry or not, i love it. i kept laughing as they kept playing and looking back to make sure i was watching.