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I've loved  hand-lettering, illustration, calligraphy both traditional and modern for years and I've decided to open up this window of my soul and love of creating to those around me. If you would like to explore the possibility of collaborating together on a logo, script tattoo, events or commissioned prints I'd love to hear from you.

My website is in the works and until then you can send your inquiries to


This winter I had the opportunity to contribute to a Kinfolk workshop hosted by my friend Anna Naphtali at West Elm here in Charlotte. I lead an mini modern calligraphy session and a DIY on making twig arrows for trimming packages. We had the sweetest time creating together. Looking forward to more Kinfolk gatherings here in the Queen City. 
 from the workshop below / family branch with my family names, cedar, forest, sam & jess.


tattoo collaboration / charis
"it will be ok" 


"it's the stories and the cherishing that makes us beautiful. may you catch each falling moment in your hands and kiss it as it goes." -mary martin wein


"as long as thanks is possible, then you is always possible. joy is always possible. 
whenever - meaning now.
wherever - meaning here.
grace, thanksgiving, joy… a triplet of stars, a constellation in the black."
ann voskamp

love never fails.
1 cor. 13

"heart + soul"
new years 2014

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  1. Did you write the happiness that you do .... I can not stop my heart fades


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