Just Because...

posted on: Monday, January 31, 2011

Two of my friends got hitched this weekend and I thought I'd share this neato vid of their engagement story...just because we love love stories and the fact that Mel and Tysen are SO amazing. I became friends with both of them when I lived in California a couple years ago and smile so big every time I think about them. Mel is a phenomenal tattoo artist and Tysen is a crazy amazing drummer from New Zealand.

Beautiful Someone Sunday Week 4

posted on: Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Sunday to you! Yesterday Sam and my in laws got our little cabin all cleaned out with the last of our little things out. We are officially 100% moved into our new house. I hope you all have been having a good weekend! Here are some more Beautiful Someone Sunday pics of my friends. Be inspired and enjoy.

my lovely friend sylvia
my lovely sister in law and friend beka
the lovely monique
my way too cool friend shaina
my sister tori

Dinosaur Snowballs & Diapers

posted on: Friday, January 28, 2011

I don't know about you, but watching little kids play is one of my favorite choices of entertainment ever. We had play day at my house Thursday. It was fabulous and oh so entertaining as I watched the kids play and giggled about the craziness of motherhood. 6 of my girl friends came over to my house with their little babes for a day of laughing, playing and enjoying one another. There were 6 of us moms and and 9 little munchkins. HA. Yes, it was a mad house of awesomeness. Having heart friends to share your little mommy triumphs and woes with is one of the biggest gifts you can have as a person and as a mom. We laughed so hard talking about boobs, babies, butts and birth stories. When all was quiet at the end of the evening, I let out a happy sigh...it had been a fabulous day.

I'm going to add a new post called "Forest's Friends" next week and introduce you to all of little Forest boy's buddies. So, make sure to visit. It will be a cuteness overload.

Two of the older boys, Noah 2 yr., and Oliver 3 yr. were playing with a big batch of dinos that Oli had brought. They were in the breakfast nook for over half and hour throwing dinosaurs (safely) everywhere, over and over again. Oliver came up with the idea of pretending that the dinos were snowballs. So, on they went, pretending that these big toothed reptiles were wintery balls of wonder for their mini man, macho war. HAHA! It was amazing. They would look at each other triumphantly after a good throw as if they were guys at a football game celebrating a touch down. Oliver was making snow angels on the wood floor later that afternoon as well. What can I say? It was a magical, pretend winter wonderland at my house. ;)

noah and oliver
can i just say the above is a work of art. spontaneous use of my decorative birdcage became dino habitat.
the little ladies, my friend christina took this

Fabulous & Favorite Friday

favorite colors right now

this is on my 'favorite, please for christmas' list

i love this cross stitch hand bag

one day, i will wear a sweet skirt and have a bicycle with a basket of my very own to ride

I want some film for my fabulous polaroid camera

i'd like to join this lovely lady and sing some tunes

messy braids....mmmm.

I love this.

Play Day and Sleep Update

posted on: Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hey there lovelies! Little man has been sleeping like a champ all of a sudden this week. I keep holding my breath each night thinking it can't last. But, each night it does. I'm enjoying every night of sleep I get because I know it's inevitable that we will go through some rough sleep patches again. I'm guessing that the reason he is sleeping so well is that we are getting a breather from teething and he's taking consistent naps during the day. Whatever it is, it is the best thing ever. Forest boy seems even happier to have so much rest.

Little man has been taking 3 naps a day! That may sound normal, but for him...it's a glorious miracle of wonder! haha He takes his first nap around 11am, his second around 3 pm after that around 6pm. He's been eating between 7:30pm and 8pm a big helping of rice cereal about an once of milk then he's out and will sleep till around 7-8am. It's been a much needed gift to my sanity.

Today is play day at my casa. Several of my girl friends are bringing Káel's little buddies over to play. Us mommies are going to do some crafty creations while they play. I'm so excited. I've still got to get out of my pj's and put my hair in a messy knot before they get here.

I hope you have a fabulous day! If you're having a rough patch of sleepless nights with your babe, just know it won't last forever. That's what I always tell myself when I've woken up for the 5th time in the night by 4 am. :) I'll look at him, knowing that he's tired as I am. He won't be this tiny forever so even in the chaos, I try to enjoy the moment...even though sometimes I want to pull my hair out because I can't figure out the why.


sweet strummin': feist

posted on: Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A sweet little bit of musical inspiration for you today. I really love this.

Before Bump Journeys

posted on: Monday, January 24, 2011

Kiev, Ukraine 2007
My first trip out of the country was amazing. My heart came alive in a special way when I traveled to the Ukraine in 2007. I had a desire for years before to go and spend some time with the kids in the orphanages and on the streets there. So many of the children in Kiev and the outlining towns choose to live on the streets and in the gutters rather than in their own homes because of the alcoholism of so many of their parents. I was able to spend some time with kids anywhere from 8-16 years old who had lived or presently lived on the streets for years. There are a few local organizations that have homes to help the kids that want to get off the streets and into a safe place to grow and learn. Some friends and I got to visit one of these places and spend some time with the kids. All the boys who heard we were coming wanted nothing more than to play a match of soccer against the Americans. Yeah, we got our butts whipped, bad. We were lucky to even kick the ball in the direction of the goal. It was a blast. My heart was broken but came alive in a way as I spent the rest of that evening bringing a little bit of supper to a group of kids who lived on the street. Their eyes were so hungry for love, but totally guarded. I want to go back. The country was beautiful especially at sunrise. It was sad in parts but beautiful.

Being my first trip out of the states it was pretty eventful for me. To start it all off the day we arrived a mini revolution started with hundreds of protesters in the streets right outside the airport. My stomach had a little bit of familiar culture shock too. Never in my life had a seen potatoes cooked so many ways. Everywhere I looked was a fast food spot that featured potatoes. I didn't want to see a potato for the rest of my life after that. haha It was always cloudy while we were there, (it was winter) so even though it was kinda dreary-when ever i would see color, it stood out more vibrantly than it might have before. The people are so beautiful there. Their culture, their traditions and their textures are intriguing.
I thought this little girl was 7 years old but she was 12. She had suffered from malnutrition.
I got to go to an orphanage when we first arrived. I was SO jet-lagged but so in heaven.
We also visited the Jewish center where we met and got to hear the stories of severalHolocaust survivors. It was life changing. The sweet woman in the picture below was telling me her story through an interpreter. The man in the pic after that burst into tears when he saw me. I almost never wear my hair down, but that day I did. He told me the very first time he had seen his wife he had fallen in love with her because of her hair, just like mine. She had passed away and seeing me reminded him of her. It was such a sweet moment.
Dr. Borris is a leader in the Jewish community in the Ukraine and is a scientist and professor. He became my good friend on that trip. I miss him a lot. He spent time with me and my friends, teaching us life lessons and teaching me and my best friend Ukrainian. It was a magical time.
My friends and I labeled this guy as the Kiev Cowboy. There he was, in the middle of the city with all the cars and big buildings he was on a horse smoking a cigarette. haha
They had cool cars too.