35 Weeks

posted on: Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The reality that my little adventurer #2 is almost here is blowing my mind. 5 more weeks (if I'm not overdue). 5 weeks!? Seasoned moms always say it goes by so much faster after you have had your first. It's definitely been that way with this pregnancy. I have to say, I've experienced so many more bold emotions of love with this little boy earlier on, as he ripens away in my tummy, than I did with Kael. With Forest boy, I didn't know what it was to be a momma. I learned what a mother's love is with him, this time I know. I didn't fully understand what exactly I was looking forward to with Kael. With this new little boy, I'm expecting the known goodness of new love from a place of having experienced it. I can't wait to explore the world together as a family of 4. The whole family of 4 thing of course is unknown and uncharted territory for me. (There's a little bit of an "eek!" in my soul, not gonna pretend to be fully confident in all that yet.)  

I'm carrying this little boy so much differently, in so many ways. (20 lbs lighter than pregnancy #1...maybe it's the no milkshake rule that I've given myself this go round. haha.) I just can't wait to hold him, kiss his face, to look into his wondering little eyes, peaking into his new, wee soul. Gah, my world is about to be blasted with a new wonderful chapter of love. I'm not just about to have another little love, I'm giving Kael his best friend. *tears*  Will I really have two little stinkers running around in my living room next year!?  Hello to my world of boys! Yay! 

The necklace I'm wearing is a Mala, a type of prayer beads from Tiny Devotions! I LOVE them and I love their company! I wear them everyday and plan on wearing them during labor. This one is the Amazonite mala that encourages love, without fear or anxiety. As I wear them, I'm reminded to let the stresses of the day take their priority at the bottom of my heart. 
Mala from Tiny Devotions

Free People skirt
Minnetonka Moccasins 

Aunt Jess

seriously? <3

My beautiful little nephew, Laef Owen was born last week. He's so precious I can't even handle it. It was a crazy experience watching him being born. It was so surreal sitting back and watching this little life say hello to the world for the first time (and NOT being the one in labor.) Every time my sister in law would push, I would have to remind myself to breathe and relax. ha. Birth, in all it's grossness, pain and newness is so magical. Life is magical, it's miraculous and beautiful.  Hearing his little cry for the first time... undid me.  Aunt Jess loves you little Laef. <3

5 weeks left (I hope) until my new little bear is in my arms. Time is zipping by so fast, so dang fast.

Another little man came into our lives last week as well! One of my closest friends, Lorean had her handsome little Asher Bristow the day before Laef arrived! You should read her birth story here. She and I had similar crazy first births and my heart was SO encouraged by the awesomeness of round 2 for her. (Please Lord!) Asher is a dreamy little bundle of yumminess. Sigh. All these babies, thank God I'm about to have a baby... other wise my baby fever would be out of control. haha.

look at those new born rolls! ah! 

My Little Soul

posted on: Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Little boy, you are magical. I cannot tell you how much fun I have had with you these past couple of weeks. It's like I'm getting views into your little soul that I've never had before. Watching you enjoy is the ultimate kiss from life. How is it that you are so amazing? I'm finding that when I hear you call my name so distinctly from the other room, it's like you are singing a love song to me. You call me with such assurance in your voice that my love is yours. As your eyes light up like fireworks when you hear your daddy open the door, coming home from work, I literally feel like my being cannot handle any more goodness. Hearing your squeals and your giggles as you guys wrestle on the living room floor and seeing the joy bursting from your daddy's eyes as you play, takes my happiness to a whole new level of perfection.  On our way to the swimming pool this week, I was singing to you and I caught you looking at me in the rearview mirror with the most adoring look I've ever seen you have. My heart couldn't take it. Our life is so full.

The things you like most lately are: you make any and everything some sort of a gun. Sound effects and all. (I have to say, I think it's the cutest and boyish thing ever.)

Brushing your teeth. Dear goodness you LOVE this right now.

Anyone who gets on floor level with you must be a horse, needing a rider. haha.

Swimming. You love splashing, wading and now venturing out into the deep end. You think you are quite the stud. I agree with you. ;)

You can't get enough of your drums, seeing someone play them or creating your own.

I love you little soul. I can't wait for all the new adventures that are waiting for us!



How To Tie A Bow Tie

posted on: Thursday, July 5, 2012

A friend of Sam's made this and posted it last week. I thought it was pretty fabulous. Enjoy! 

Did you all have a fun and fantastic 4th of July!? We had a sweet, simple and wonderful day! I'll post some pics later today! I can't WAIT to show you pictures and a video from the shower we threw my friend Kate last weekend!!!! Ah! It was lovely! Hope you're having a wonderful week!