Mall Walker

posted on: Monday, January 30, 2012

This morning, I woke up with a determination to exercise. I've been feeling so crummy physically and I know the main lifestyle choice that ALWAYS makes me have more energy and spunk is working out. I quickly thew on my work out clothes while the thought was still appealing to me.

Well, this morning it was freezing cold outside, so outdoors was kind of nixed.  I wasn't going to let that stop me. I was going to put my New Balance kicks on, gosh dang it, and go walk. So, to the mall I went, tugging my little toddler with me. It kind of hit me that I was going to be a mall walker today...maybe even all week or forever... Ha. I always prefer being outdoors but, on cold or wet days the mall is a great option.

I found myself subconsciously establishing my pace and my "lane" with over 2 dozen sweet elderly ladies and gentlemen, who could definitely out walk me any day and, a few moms sprinkled here and there. Most of the obvious mall walking veterans were so sweet and gave me warm smiles. But, after a few side glances from others, I wondered if I needed some sort of initiation to join this club. ;) Sorry guys, don't mind me, the new girl. All in all, it was awesome. I walked at a brisk speed for about an hour then afterwards, rewarded myself with some shopping at baby Gap with christmas gift cards. Little boy decided to take a nap for the better half of our mall excursion, which let me shop with full style and deal brain in force.

Cheers to mall walking and many more days of it! ;)


Lief's Round Up Birthday Party!

posted on: Sunday, January 22, 2012

My beautiful friend, Sarah threw the sweetest birthday party for her little boy Lief's 3rd birthday. It was all cowboys and indians, mini drum circles, and a big ruckus of smiles and cupcakes! Samuel made a little video of the day and I'm SO excited it is done!!! Yay! The song Sam used is the new single, "Obey Your Guns" by Matrimony. You can download it free HERE.  (Who just got signed by Sony Records, by the way! Wooohooo!!! )  Enjoy!!! 
Cowboys and Indians - A Birthday Party from Forest Lake Media on Vimeo.

We Will Survive!

posted on: Monday, January 16, 2012

Double pink eye, cold, infection...this little boy has been having a rough time. Thankfully we just finished with the puffy pink eye business, but now his last 2 molars are throwing a fit. haha. We will survive! ;)

The past couple of weeks, our days have felt like one bug after another being fought off. Stomach flu, double pink eye, and an assortment of colds... I'm in hunker down mode, stuffing our faces with vitamins and supplements, while trying to comfort whoever is sick (I'm in that batch as well.) ha. I tell you what, I never appreciate my simple healthy days like I should until myself or one of my sweet ones gets sick. I've gotten some sweet notes and comments from you lovelies asking where I'm at. I've been here, being nurse, mommy and patient. 

My sweet husband, is THE MOST AMAZING guy ever! Ladies, when I started getting sick this man tackled an extremely long grocery list that involved several stores and weird ingredients without a plight. He even brought me flowers and was super Mr. Mom for several days, all the while waiting on me hand and foot. I really dislike being sick, but one bright thing that can happen is the wonder of those you love shine a little louder and sparklier. <3

Sam has some really exciting things going on with his business that is just sending my heart over the moon. And there are so many things I'm excited to share with all of you beauties about this year and our plans! It's going to be amazing!

One of my best friends is having a big birthday bash dance party this coming Saturday! (90's hip hop) A group of us girls are going to bring it with an AMAZING hip hop routine. Watch out. I've been so sore from practicing and shaking my booty,  then getting a stomach flu on top of that. I am worn out. BUT, it's gonna be SO dang awesome!!! I might put myself in quarantine to make sure I DON'T catch anything else that would block me from the dance floor! ;) Just kidding. No, but really, don't you sniffles and headaches even THINK about it! ;)

I know this is random, but have any of you NOT heard about The Pioneer Woman? This amazing California girl who met, fell in love then married a cattle rancher. They moved out in the middle of nowhere and now she is the super of all women. I'm serious. She is one of my new heroes. Cooking, photography, blogging, homeschooling...the woman does EVERYTHING amazing. I tried my hand at making one of her most popular recipes, chicken tortilla soup. Oh.My.Word. You just need to check her out. ;)

On sick, or yucky days, you won't really find me on my blog. But, you CAN and prob will find me on Instagram (boho baby bump) , Pintrest and Twitter! :) You can connect and stay up to date with little bits and pieces of our day that way. I hope you all have been having a fabulous January!

Lots of goodness and cheers to no more sicky bugs!