posted on: Friday, November 11, 2011

Here are some little snippets of our last couple of weeks. :) 
Sam and I went to a masquerade party some friends of ours threw. It was so much fun making our masks. I used fake fall leaves, spray painted them and then arranged them for a fabulous fairy feel. 

Day with leaves falling like party confetti are my favorite. This day my boys took me for a breakfast date. I loved this day, it was so simple and perfect. 
We spend at least an hour outside every day exploring and playing in the leaves! The swing from when I was little now hangs from the tree in our front yard and Káel looks forward to the adventure of it every afternoon! My Gran gave it to me for Káel's first birthday. 

His new favorite thing to do is help me sweep our back deck and our wooden floors. It's SOOOOOO cute you guys! In this pic he is wearing the AWESOME sweater his Norwegian Auntie Lotta got him in Norway. I love it!
My little Forest and I shared our first painting experience together. It was a dream! I have been wanting to do this before I even had kids. There was some magical about having paint splatters all over us. He was in heaven, and yes his masterpiece is hanging on my wall. ;)

Spontaneous girly nights are so wonderful. 
Road trip to Atlanta with my sister in law Beka required lots of gross junk food for me. I know, it's disgusting, but I never eat this stuff except in moments like this. She bought me Feist tickets for an early birthday present, it was an amazing trip and so much fun. 
My first time to H&M. I ended up being obsessed with the kids section and the only thing I bought was a pair of the cutest high tops for Káel. hehe

We got filmed for a new Verizion phone commercial. It was pretty awesome. We saw several film guys and security guards as we were walking around. I stopped and asked what was going on and the next thing you know they swooped us off and had a camera in our face. Earlier in the day when we were getting a bite to eat we saw Brandi (Moesha) eating at a table across the room. ha! It was the day of stardom. ;) 

Feist was flawless! We were right smack dab in the front against the stage. I felt like a little kid. Her music takes me so many places. So fabulous! After the concert we headed to my sweet friend Ivelisse's (Pretty Little Mustache) house for a slumber party! It was SOOOOO amazing and wonderful to get to see her and hang out a little! Love that girl so much! <3 It was a fabulous trip filled with so many wonderful moments, laughs and adventures!