American Blogger

posted on: Thursday, June 27, 2013

This week, we had quite the adventure as we welcomed film maker, Chris Wiegand into our home. If you haven't already heard, Chris is filming an incredible documentary-movie called,  "American Blogger." Over the next 2 months, he is traveling coast to coast in his vintage air stream (that he renovated himself) filming and capturing the hearts and lives of bloggers all across the nation. This is going to be an amazing piece of work when he's finished!

When I got an email from Chris' sweet wife, Casey, who is a phenomenal, straight from the heart blogger and friend, asking me to be a part of this journey, I was so excited! Seriously. It was such a great and fantastic experience just for our family to connect with Chris' heart and vision. You guys, I want to be neighbors with the Wiegands. So much kindness, sincerity and beauty comes from this family.  Casey...keep scheming and brainstorming. ;)

Chris arrived Tuesday evening, after driving straight  from Palm Beach, Florida. He filmed our nightly routine as we ate dinner and put the boys to bed. Wait, do we even have a routine? ;) Then after the boys were fast asleep, he and Samuel talked shop about gear, film and the movie  industry. After that, we headed into the city to hang out with my girl friends. Chris wanted to get as much variety of my normal flow of life as he could, seeing he that was leaving the next morning. So, out to girls night it was.

Any of you who follow along my journey here or on instagram, know how dear and vital my friends are to my heart. It worked out so perfectly, that at the last minute, everyone was able to get together and Chris was able to catch it all on film. We all met up near uptown and walked to a roof top restaurant where we laughed and caught up on our lives. Chris followed along, filming and interviewing me at various times, asking me all kinds of questions about blogging, my family, and the important role my friends play in my life. It was great!

The next morning, before he had to head out to his next stop, a few hours away, there were more interviews and more filming.  Then, Samuel and I also got to take Chris to our favorite coffee stop, Not Just Coffee. Then, right before Chris pulled out of our driveway, he invited us to take a look inside the "American Blogger" Air Stream camper. It was SO AMAZING!  It literally looked like a little Ikea apartment. So cool.  Kael was kind of obsessed with it calling it a robot truck. Wait, what am I saying... I was obsessed with it! ha! I think I join in with the voices of everyone who's seen this fabulous little silver darling when I say that I WANT ONE! Ah! 

This was such an awesome and fun experience.  It was fun showing off our Queen City and sharing a peek into our life with Chris. But, more than anything, it was a delight to have our families connect, hear his heart and vision for this movie and to be a part of the adventure of it all.

American Blogger will be available for purchase on iTunes when it is completed. I will post updates here as it get closer to the launching of it as well. Follow Chris' journey this summer on his instagram, ChrisWiegand #americanblogger. You can also keep up to date on what's happening and where he is in his travels on his wife's blog "Casey Leigh."

Thanks for giving us the joy and opportunity of contributing Chris and Casey! Love you guys!

Jess, Sam and the boys

Spilled Milk: Home

posted on: Wednesday, June 26, 2013

These sweethearts have been playing more with each other lately. Kael, ahem, I mean, Super Kael... has been full of imagination, running around in capes made of baby blankets and super hero hammers made of kids hangers. ;) haha.  

These darlings are my joy, and where ever they find joy...that will be my home. 

Click HERE to see the other photos for this week! 

Kinfolk Flower Potluck

posted on: Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This Spring,  Samuel and I had the pleasure of filming and participating in the first Kinfolk workshop that was hosted here in Charlotte by my dear friend Anna.    Kinfolk Magazine,  is a lovely, collective community of beauty and all things that nurture the simplicity and joy of a heart felt gathering. If you've never read their magazine or been inspired by their essays and photographs, you must add this bit of wonderful into your life. 

This workshop was a Flower Potluck so, everyone brought armfuls of flowers to share with each other. Upon arriving, each girl was given a flower crown and met with treats and lavender lemonade. A professional florist instructed us on different forms and styles of flower arrangements, which we later used to adorn the communal dinner table. Originally, the event and the dinner were to be held outdoors in the gorgeous rose garden. But, a spring rain shower redirected us into the florist's studio, which made for an intimate time of communing with new and dear friends over the common love of beauty and an amazing meal. I felt that the unplanned rain gave the day a rather romantic feel. It was truly magical. The same day, several more of the same themed events were happening all over the world! You can see the other events here.

If you'd like to attend and share in similar and wonderful experiences of celebration and creativity like this, Anna will be hosting additional and various type of workshops, later this year. You can find more information on her blog, The Colorful Living Project.  

Here is Samuel's short film of the Flower Potluck and Dinner. This was our first time of officially working together as a film/creative team. It was perfect.  We both shot footage of the event, Samuel edited and scored it and I helped as the art director.  You will be seeing many more of our collaborations, in the near future.  I adore this man of mine. He's so amazing and my favorite person to create with.

All photos by Anna Naphtali 

Film// Forest Lake Media // Flowers, Demo & Studio: Nectar // Food: Goldmine // Rentals, Farm Tables & Coordination: Hey Love Events// // Venue: Mcgill Rose Garden // 

Food Truck Friday

posted on: Monday, June 24, 2013

Food Truck Friday is one of my favorite culinary and city loves about Charlotte. Every Friday, there is a buzz of life in the air, as masses of people come out to try delicious plates from half a dozen or so, AMAZING food trucks at South End. The experience is half of the deal. When else would you wait 45 minutes in line just to get a small plate of fish tacos or a black bean burger? But, to's worth it! There are always friends, familiar faces and sweet puppies to be enjoyed.  I LOVE the loud chaos, the buzz of all the people there and the laughs that fill up the space in the background.

This past Food Truck Friday, a group of my best friends and I met up together to share a bit of picnic blanket in the shade. The sweet and savory smells of everything from tacos to crepes tempted our taste buds. We welcomed in the first day of summer with warm sun, the goodness of true friendship and the sounds of our wild children playing and running everywhere. Their sweet laughs reminded me that in every time of happiness or disappointment, present or up-coming, there is always a simple joy to be found and held onto. Hello Summer darling, I'm glad you're here.


My beautiful friends, Anna, Jessie, Lauren and Lorean.