Beautiful Someone Sunday Week 3

posted on: Sunday, January 23, 2011

We had a FANTASTIC time last night at the birthday party! SO-MUCH-FUN. I danced til' i couldn't dance anymore. I love celebrating the people I love.
I hope you all have been having a lovely weekend. Here are a few glimpses of some ladies that I love very much. Enjoy!

My beautiful lady love, Charlotte (Lotta as we call her) is Norwegian. On top of running a flower shop on the busiest street in Oslo, she and her husband are expecting their first baby girl, Nora. She is one of THE most creative people I have ever met. Her blog is a complete inspiration. Check it out HERE.

The one and only beautiful Candace. One of the dearest friends of sunshine a heart could ever have.

My oh so lovely boho friend Elizabeth Shea

Miss beautiful sheila, right after her husband josh proposed. They got married the same day we did and have now found out that they are expecting, with a due date the same week Káel was born! i love them.

brenna, and her daughter trinity are some of the prettiest ladies you'll ever meet. brenna and her husband are expecting another little addition this year!

the beautiful jessie mathis. mom, wife, rock star. one of my favorite humans on the planet.

my lovely friend ashley, the chic beauty of matrimony band.

6 thoughts:

  1. Charlotte has a pretty blog - such nice pictures to look at before I fall asleep :)

  2. Love your lovelies! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  3. Did you know that you are a beautiful person and a inspiration doll? You deserve to be on a list just like this!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  4. Aww, Jess, you are too sweet! Oh how I LOVE you! And it's such an honor to know you!!!


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