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posted on: Wednesday, January 12, 2011

my first snowball of the year
You probably have heard that a lot of states are getting frosted with snow and ice. Well, we are one of the many here in the Carolina's. The past two days we have gotten more than 5 inches of snow! It has been magical. All the schools have been closed for 3 days now. Even IKEA was closed! Everything has kinda come to a stand still which makes for a cozy, cuddled and happy day.

Yesterday, I took myself on a nice walk through my neighborhood to enjoy the peaceful weather. It was just me, a sleepy Káel and my thoughts. My time with the snow and the trees was so quiet and wonderful. I like going out in nature with no music, no conversation or distraction....just listening. I brought my camera and took a couple of pics for you to see my little sights.

One neat accomplishment was that Káel slept for the first time in his sling! We usually use the Moby wrap or the ergo but today I wanted to try the shoulder sling. He's never been a fan of the sling really until today! Yay! He slept for about an hour while I explored my wintery transformed world.

Did you guys get any snow!? Have any smile stories for me? ;)

boho mobil

my little cabin nestled in the woods. we won't be here for much longer...i'll tell you about our move later this week! bitter sweet.

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17 thoughts:

  1. Wow, you'd think IKEA would be able to deal with snow, coming from Sweden!

    When we had major snow in Scotland last November, I had an impromptu snowball fight with some small children on my way back from the shops :)

    ...They won.

  2. So pretty! We have had a lot of snow here, too.

  3. mmm, your wintry walk sounds lovely! :) we are snowed in up in philadelphia too, enjoying hot cocoa and watching movies!

  4. So pretty!
    Living in Fargo makes for many snowy days for me.
    My favorite part is when I get to see the little snowflakes close-up when they land on my window. They are so delicate and perfect!
    Love and Blessings to you, my friend.

  5. We just got our major snow fall yesterday! Almost 7inches, I would be out with Willow but seeing as I despise the snow I am staying inside all bundled!!

  6. Also snowed in. Gorgeous pictures as always

  7. I live in San Diego, so no snow, in fact today the high was 75!

  8. :) snow snow snow!

    nichole-um...that sounds pretty nice! ;)

  9. Gorgeous! Love the photo of the silver lantern in the snow (I have that one... IKEA right? :)) I wouldn't mind some snow over here :)

  10. oh i'm so jealous of your snow. we live in southern california and it is 74 degrees, lovely yes, but not as perfect as your white snow! i wish you could ship snow via snail mail :)

    xo christina

  11. i am super excited to hear about your move! and i am superbly saddened by the fact that we obviously have no snow :( i want to live where it snows so soul needs seasons! by the way, awesome winter wonderland pics, my dear! oh, and henry AND ezra are both ergo/moby babes while all i really wanted was for them to love my slings!

  12. I just experienced my first blizzard in NYC over Christmas... how bitter sweet! The painful sting of the icy cold biting at your fingers and toes, but the magical atmosphere of a whole new world makes it seem not quite so bad...

  13. awwwww amelie, don't be sad. i understand about needing the seasons for sure! i KNOW...i've wanted káel to like his sling so bad-he only really likes it when he's sleepy. haha

    tam lee-ah! a nyc snowy xmas!? i would like to experience that someday over the rainbow

  14. yah :) the fulfillment of one of my mothers childhood dreams... happy day

  15. we've been snowed in...the kids are out of their skin excited in their nonstop narnia game!


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