Fabulous & Favorite Friday

posted on: Friday, January 14, 2011

i love this room, the picture and the miss who is at work. mmm...

free people sun dress. think i will add this to my free people collection for the spring.

i LOVE this print by one of my favorite artists Charles Harper

fabulous feather earring...I want to get one.

This fabulous traveling dollhouse by Hart + Sew is my favorite DIY of the year so far. I'm totally going to make one of these Click HERE to see the how to.

um...pretty incredible

I'd like to be a grown up version of this little boho miss. (those bangs...ah!)
amazing photo by Dani Brubaker styled by Jeanne Murray

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  1. Eeeee! What a fab collection indeed!

  2. You've got me hooked on free people... :)

  3. oh annie...don't ever get me started on free people! my FAAAAV clothing to date. it can be a dangerous but very rewarding love. :) hehe

  4. Hey, I just discovered Charles Harper recently and I am smitten! So much colour and energy, and cute critters of course :)

  5. Love the Fabulous and Favorite! You have such a great eye and wonderful and unique taste! A true forerunner are you! Can't wait till you have your own line someday! ;-) XOXO

  6. I have been reading your blog for a couple of months now, and I love it! Thank you for sharing your fresh look at life!
    Also, if you love feather earrings, you HAVE to check out my friend Kala's Etsy. She makes amazing feather earrings and headpieces (she actually made my headpiece for my wedding).

    Here is the link:

  7. I love Fabulous and Favorite Fridays! Makes me cheerful.

  8. I'd advise you make the earrings a feather hair fall instead. My little one is already after my earrings and we can't have our earlobes ripped off right?? :D

  9. I love it! And I love free people!

    I only wish I could have bangs like that!! My hair is soooo curly and very thin. The few times I've tried blown out or straightened bangs, it curled right up very quickly. Sigh! Oh, well! Gonna love my locks, anyway! :)


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