Giveaway Winner!

posted on: Sunday, February 27, 2011

Congratulations Jess! You won the whole shabang of goodies from this month's Giveaway!

(Just to say really quick, I know I am late in announcing this. It has been a very emotional, crazy week so blogging was kinda on the back burner of my heart. I have a week's worth of amazing posts, pics and stories that I'm looking forward to sharing starting later today.)

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Drawing On the Floor

posted on: Monday, February 21, 2011

So one of my dear lady loves, Shani who was also one of my bridesmaids has the cutest kids ever. She is Israeli with 3 girls, Illit, Lahav and Neveah plus she and her husband are expecting another addition soon, a boy! There is never a dull moment with these girlies. Her littlest, Neveah is the little love bug featured in the hilarious video. Sam and I have watched it several times and just crack up. I thought you might enjoy it as well.

If you are a Twitterer, you need to follow "illitsaid". They are the most HILARIOUS quotes from her kids! If you go back and read the older ones you will be rolling, I promise. haha

Beautiful Someone Sunday Week 6

posted on: Sunday, February 20, 2011

I hope you all had a great week! Little handsome boy kinda sat up on his own this week and I have taken up jogging again! We got kissed with a warm wave of spring like weather which has caused me and Forest boy to be outside most of every day this past week! Here are some lovely pics of some of my friends for you to enjoy creatively inspired dears. I'm looking forward to this coming week and the adventure it holds.

the lovely Margaret

Samantha...soon to be mommy

beautiful holly, amazing mommy

the every beautiful sarah

the fun and incredibly lovely photographer tara

Pretty Love V.1

posted on: Thursday, February 17, 2011

My friend Carolyn is a momma to two sweet little girls and is expecting her first boy in April. I mentioned that I was throwing an amazing baby shower for one of my girl friends....well this is the gal. I got to thinking it would be fun to play dress up in vintage clothes, play with her hair, paint her lips and then take some pics for her invitations! Well, yesterday we decided to do it and we had a blast! Carolyn is SO pretty and is an amazing lady on top of being a fun mom. It was so much fun!

I hope you enjoy gazing on the prettiness of her lovely self! ;)
vintage dress: thrift store find months and months ago for like $5
Early 70's late 60's dresses that are straight lined like this are amazing for maternity dresses. Slap a belt on it and ~ tada...instant cuteness! This style is SO cute whether you have a bump or not. You can find them buried in some thrift stores and pretty cheap in certain antique mall's that feature vintage clothing.

pin: $3 antique mall (and it came with matching earrings)
When you don't want to have a whole lot going on in the jewelry department...pins are great. You can cluster them, wear them with simple earrings and gain a variety of looks with them. Boho, Vintage, Classic and Chic.

orange wrap thingy: I think I got it at Marshall's or some place like that for $10

belt: XXI $7

hair: I parted her hair to the far side then pinned them over creating a side swept bang look. I braided four locks of her hair as a crown then did the simple, yet fun and messy "pile and pin."

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A Love From Yesterday

posted on: Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Two Valentine's ago, I was falling in love with a guy named Samuel. I was living in California, he was living in North Carolina. Long distance relationships can be tough on the heart strings, and believe me it was. But, fortunately I had a man that must have been related to one of those Pride and Prejudice guys... He would send me special love letters written on parchment paper with burnt edges, complete with a wax seal and everything. The week of this special love day, I got an extra special package in the mail. My Valentine's package contained a love letter and a little sea shell chest that had a lock on it...the key, no where to be seen. My letter, a series of several parchment hearts was heavenly and romantic, the box was a pretty mystery. Sam told me in the letter that he would let me know how and when to open it. Not telling me when that would be made my heart anxious and excited! I'll save the answer to the why and the when later including the contents inside the chest in a soon coming post. hehe.
On top of all that amazing romanticism from my poet of a love, he sent me a song that he had written and recorded for me. He sent it to my email right at midnight, the first moments of Valentines day. Of course, we were talking at midnight. I had school, which kept me busy all day and he had work. Yeah, that 3 hour time difference ate our lunch but, we didn't care. Our nights were spent over skype, all gushy-eyed and all. We would laugh, dream and scheme together. Talking about our day, etc...we would always end up staring at the screen, looking into each other's eyes - completely lost. *wink* Ok, enough of that, now it's time for you to listen to my song - one of many I might add that he has written for me. I'm pretty crazy about my lover man. I cried as I listened...

Of course, I went to school the next morning with a soaring heart. I was like a little song bird, in love telling all my girl friends and anyone and anything that had ears what my man had done for me. Sitting in class when we should have been listening to a lecture, we were whispering and swooning together. Aaaaah, *happy sigh* are so intriguing and have this way of overshadowing anything that is going on. It was fun yesterday to pull out the letters and re- listen to the love songs with my man. I love remembering...I hope you have enjoyed this little peek into our love past. There are more love stories to follow...
Sam came out to my graduation in California...we'd only have a few days together every few months.

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Tunes & Such

Lucy Schwartz has become one of my new favsies . She is a-ma-zing. She's only 21 and already has over 3 albums. I have had her on in my house all week and have been dancing and humming all over the place. The tone in her voice is rich, raspy and wonderful. Her writing style is inspiring to me and her melodies are fabulous. You should youtube her and watch/listen to her other videos. So good. Like I said in my Date Night post, I was able to meet her at The Civil Wars concert and fell in love. She's so genuine when plays/sings. I thought you might enjoy the creative and happy vibes her music bring.

the vid below is my fav

Happy Birthday Boho Baby Bump

posted on: Monday, February 14, 2011

1 Year ago today I decided to start a blog. I was barely pregnant and wanted to have an outlet/online journal of my quest for staying boho stylish during my pregnancy and my musings as a soon to be mom. I knew practically nothing about the blogging world (I'm still learning) and less about what to expect while being pregnant. Now, one year later, here I am with a 5 month old son and 440 followers. Wow. It's been the craziest most amazing year of my life. I go back and look at my first posts and giggle. If I could have looked into the future then at a Jess sitting in her bedroom, typing this blog post a year later with my little boy sound asleep right next to me, not pregnant, no jitters, no bulging tummy that held so much mystery and a whole crew of people peeking in on our journey...goodness.

I have gotten so many sweet emails the past year from so many of you telling me how the blog makes you smile and happy, about your families and lives. I have LOVED every one. As my blogging friend and lady love, Miss James penned- thanks for looking in on "my corner of the Internet." I love that. Thank you for enjoying this journey with me, watching my baby grow, and crying and laughing with me at all the different little happenings. How cool is this blogging wave that we can connect and document our lives like this, sharing it with so many amazing people? I'm excited at how this blog has grown and I look forward to sharing my days, my smiles and my stories with you for another year.

If you like, leave a comment and tell me what you have enjoyed the most about the blog and what more you would like to see! I would love to hear your thoughts. :)

Happy Valentines day and Happy Birthday Boho Baby Bump.

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Date Night: The Civil Wars

posted on: Saturday, February 12, 2011

So Wednesday, if you follow my twitter, you saw that a miracle of amazingness happened in my little life. The Civil Wars, one of my absolutely favorite bands to date, came to town. I was going to buy tickets for Sam and I but we decided to move the week I was set to buy them and I forgot. :( I was heartbroken when I realized they were all sold out. I couldn't find any tickets anywhere. I just gave up. Early last week I was on my twitter feed and saw that they had tweeted a link to boho baby bump! AH! What?! Then on their facebook fan page as well! They posted the link to my "Tunes & Such" post, where I featured their Barton Hollow music video. Oh my gosh. I was freaking out. I'm not usually the star struck kind of person at all...but I respect their musical heavenliness so much I can't help it.

My parents, without me knowing it had called the owner of the venue where they were going to be playing at and found 2 tickets. When she called me to tell me she had a surprise for me, I squealed! I called my good friend Christina and she was able to watch little man! Yay.

We were able to find good seats and enjoyed the amazing melodies of Lucy Schwartz, who I got to talk to a bit afterwards. She is phenomenal. I love her. Then we were sung to heaven by The Civil Wars' flawless harmonies. We even got to hear 2 brand spankin' new songs! Sam and I laughed so hard as they bantered back and forth. I wanted to meet them so bad, but we had to leave and pick up Káel right when they finished. They were still back stage as we were walking out the door. All of a sudden, we practically walked into them! I was able to meet them and talk to Joy for a bit...she knew who I was from the link they posted! Um...AH! She was super sweet. Yeah...I was pretty much on cloud 9. Yes, as cheesy as it is...I wanted a picture with them. I don't care! I had A BLAST! There is something so magical about enjoying music that skilled and good in person. My soul was flying. One of my favorite nights to date.

it's super blurry...but I wanted to post it anyways. ;)

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Fabulous & Favorite Friday

posted on: Friday, February 11, 2011

You excited it's Friday?! I'm excited to have my man for a day off on Saturday. He's been working SO much lately that it kinda feels like we've been running past each other all week. Tomorrow is for cuddle time, laughing and dreaming big. I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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Rewind Week

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A Talk With Grandma

posted on: Thursday, February 10, 2011

My little man has grown into quite the talker as of late. While I work on a couple of posts for today- I thought I'd post this conversation he had with Grandma. ;) Enjoy.


posted on: Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This Giveaway is now closed my dears.

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