Spilled Milk

posted on: Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It is such a treat and joy to be a contributor on this new photography project. 18 moms from around the world, all of us finding together, each week, the beauty and craziness that comes with parenthood. I love looking for my interpretation of each week's theme from simple moments in my home alongside these amazing moms and artists. When you visit the project you can see our first week was "warmth" and this current week is "meal." Looking forward to the many weeks ahead. 

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It's My Favorite

"It's My Favorite" 
a new mini series of sweet moments 

Holding hands with Kael is my favorite. He will get a burst of energy and run ahead. In his mind's eye, he's chasing a tiger or flying like Buzz Lightyear. But then, he will  stop in his tracks and reach out with a huge grin on his face (his grin slays me)  and asks to hold my hand. It never gets old. All of a sudden, time slows down and I can feel every part of myself soaking up the precious feelings of trust and tenderness. Watching my 2.5 year old toddler turn into a little boy has been the most amazing chapter of life that Samuel and I have experienced, so far. Last night, Samuel walked into the kitchen with tears in his eyes, after tucking in our  little Forest friend and said, "Gosh I love our sons, Jess... Kael, he's just so sweet." More tears well up in his eyes, with a smile that leaves my heart in a puddle. Those are the moments I live for. There are days of whining, frustration and tears, of course. But, I am overwhelmed with tidal waves of love and awe, as I watch this boy of ours lavish sweetness and the most sincere affection on our hearts.

 Kael, you can hold my hand forever.



posted on: Tuesday, April 16, 2013

To say you are the sweetest, most gentle, little souls that I've loved is to speak my heart. 

Motherhood has found me in simple places, the last several months. I've been embracing my own heart, through loving my sons. I've been finding myself, while chasing Kael on his favorite walks and discovering my dreams (old and new) by watching Cedar explore his days with fresh eyes.  

Lately, life has been full of smiles, kisses, tears, early mornings and late nights, friends, family, bumped heads and warm embraces. I've had new motivation that usually comes for me with Spring and Summer. There are new things that I am excited about and old things that I'm learning to dance with, with grace and hope. I have ideas, projects that I've been working on, pictures that I've taken and things that I've created that are waiting to be shared. There are stories scribbled down, songs written and sung at the kitchen sink,  designs I've tinkered with and new journeys that we have started and are about to begin.

All of those things haven't been my driving passion or inspiration during this season, though. It's been the faces of my boys and the heart of my husband that have been my beauty and creative engine. Allowing my heart to explore and soak in this life of mine, without set expectations of my own or others, has been sweet. 

Finding the balance and that fulfilling place of being a mother and an artist, has been a continual growing and learning experience for me. As an artist, I've always wanted to do more, reach deeper with that discontented desire for originality. Right now, my heart feels good, settled in my title of "momma," fulfilled with a healthy desire to create more. 

My home is my center. My family is my home and I'm learning in every moment of every day how to create a living art, by loving them.