Words I Love

posted on: Friday, May 31, 2013

" ...It is the stories and the cherishing that make us beautiful. May you catch each falling moment in your hands and kiss it as it goes." -Mary Wein 'These are the Lines of a Story'

Those are the last words from an essay that I just read this morning, after a friend posted it on facebook. And now, my heart is a lovely mess. You seriously need to take 5 minutes and read it. I was left in tears. Good tears.  It is too precious and filled my heart with so much truth and love. Written by a mother, embracing her body and the beauty of this story of life. Grab a tissue, the last paragraph was it for me, as she wrote to her son...get ready. I want to raise my boys with this heart and ode to true beauty, helping mold them into amazing future loves and husbands. It's given me a whole new awareness of how I see and treat myself, especially in front of them.  *insert love filled sob here.* Anna, I'm so glad you posted this.

Love and happy reading. 

Go Buddy, Go!

posted on: Friday, May 24, 2013

This little nugget of mine, hasn't been still since he turned 3 weeks old. He's standing on his own now and trying to take steps (if he isn't speed crawling down the hallways). Seriously, he started crawling at 4.5 months, guys. Crazy. Kael was always content to lounge and be carried, but Cedar has been planning his first triathlon for months, I swear. ha! These pictures were taken at my parent's house, a couple of months ago. My mom's cute red toes were a bit of an obsession for little C. haha. So precious. 

Oh little bug, I love you and your sweet little wiggly soul. I'm not going to try and stop you or wish you'd slow down. I'll always be your biggest fan and sideline cheerleader, as you pass me full speed ahead on the sidelines. 


Backyard Friends

posted on: Thursday, May 23, 2013

Warm days are treasures to me! We've had SO much rain and unseasonably chilly weather that a sunny day is kind of sacred now. Lorean, one of my closest girlfriends, dropped by my house last week with her kids Micah and Asher. (Who I adore like my own!)  Micah and Kael have been buddies since they were born and it was all squeals and giggles on our back deck, as Micah doused Kael with the water hose. He kept yelling for her to get him and she gladly obliged, haha.  They were both in heaven. When I heard all of their happy laughs and screams, I jumped outside to take a few pictures. I love these crazy kids so much and I love how they are growing up together. I can't believe they will both be 3 this year?! (tears) Memories of gold for me right here. 
BTW, If you have don't have a kiddie pool, put your water hose on "mist!" it's the best water gun and source of entertainment for warm days at our house! 

It's My Favorite

posted on: Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"It's My Favorite" 
a new mini series of sweet moments and favorite things

The more I allow my heart to realize it's loved, the more I desire to love, and when I love, my heart feels complete and whole. Every emotion that competes with that love starts to become weakened inside of me and more of a memory than a close companion. I'm never happier and more at rest inside of myself than when I lean into that place. For me, to accept love is to be vulnerable, weak and brave. To give love, is to be vulnerable, weak and brave. That's beauty, this is what grace is to me.  My prayer is that I live in this place of weakness and bravery to let love flood in, pouring into the hearts of every living soul around me.  Loving is my favorite.