A picture (or two) every week of  my glorious boys starting the first week of January.

1/52 Forest Kael
This week began your friendship with all things "Duzz" (Buzz Lightyear). 

1/52 Cedar 
You want to go so bad. You are rocking on your hands and knees, scooting all around. Slow down little nugget.

2/52 Forest Kael
Helping keep me company while I purge and organize the house this week. You make me laugh all day long. 

2/52 Cedar
You won't stay still little buddy.  Trying to put one hand in front of the other this week. *tears*

3/52 Forest Kael

3/52 Cedar

4/52 Forest Kael
Your face is my magic.

4/52 Cedar

5/52 Forest Kael

5/52 Cedar
Spending mornings in bed with us is your favorite. You can't wait to wake up your daddy by crawling all over him. 

6/52 Forest Kael

6/52 Cedar
Cousin love. Your cousin Laef came over to play this week.

7/52 Forest Kael
Your soul is beautiful my son. Every expression you have is my favorite. 

7/52 Cedar
You are crawling everywhere and your daddy is becoming your main love attraction. 

8/52 Forest Kael
Curls and cheeks.

8/52 Cedar
The roughest week ever. You had the flu and couldn't sleep. 

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  1. You live such a beautiful life. Its refreshing to all who see it! Gorgeous family!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!

  3. love these pictures!!!


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