Fabulous & Favorite Friday

posted on: Friday, January 28, 2011

favorite colors right now

this is on my 'favorite, please for christmas' list

i love this cross stitch hand bag

one day, i will wear a sweet skirt and have a bicycle with a basket of my very own to ride

I want some film for my fabulous polaroid camera

i'd like to join this lovely lady and sing some tunes

messy braids....mmmm.

I love this.

7 thoughts:

  1. I love your favorites too! Is the film you need specific to a certain model of polaroid? If so what model is your camera ?
    I hope you have a fabulous weekend! love you!

  2. is this from a hop? I love all of it!

  3. I just about died when I saw that little rolling house. Be still my heart! :)

  4. I just heard about hops a couple days ago. Like someone makes a little badge kind of like that picture and says what i love friday and everyone posts the badge and what they love on that day.lol Its kind of like a way to see other blogs. I saw it and it made me think of one.lol

  5. I love your style, but more than I love being able to see your heart through these blogs. I'm inspired.


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