Ohio Winter Wedding

posted on: Monday, January 17, 2011

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I had a nice quiet time with my boys and even got out a cardio dance video on Netflix. I about passed out. Haha. I've got some fun work out news posts coming up that I think you will enjoy later this week.

This past December we went to Sam's cousin's winter wedding in Ohio. It was my first time up there and my first time to see THAT much snow falling. It was lovely. Christina (the Bride) was so beautiful and we had a blast busting a move on the dance floor at the reception. I put Káel in my Moby wrap and danced like a crazy person. He just slept. haha I thought I'd post some fun moments for you guys to enjoy.

The next day Beka shot a day after shoot of Christina and Anthony (Bride & Groom) in the powdery snow/old covered bridge. I got to tag along as an assistant and ended up saving the day when Christina's veil was caught in a gust of wind sending it flying over the railing headed toward the large drop off to the creek. I flew over the little fence post and caught it before it could escape. We laughed so hard, it was awesome.

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12 thoughts:

  1. She must've been so cold in just that dress and no coat!!

    And you're gorgeous in every photo, as always. LOVE the picture of you and Sam, you can see his love for you so clearly.

  2. Awesome!! Sounds like a great time!
    ~Liz from NC

  3. I so love you! You are so full of life, love and happiness! Great post!

  4. Awesome!!! I'm having an Ohio Winter Wedding soon too! =)


  5. I love the picture of you dancing with your little one :) I have put my babies in their carriers many times and busted a move!

  6. I saw the photos you took of Beka - you've got some talent girl! :) I need to shoot in snow - it's on my bucket list!

  7. Beauty is this!!
    YAY! for babies, love & weddings!!
    God is sooo goood!!!


  8. annie-thanks love...i DID get to use her long lens...but thank you deary!

    nicole-hey there girl!

  9. awww LOVE these pictures!! especially love your dress! girl, you are always inspiring me with your fab style :)

  10. sweet pictures! and I love the story and pictures of the veil rescue! :)

    with love,


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