Beautiful Someone Sunday

posted on: Sunday, January 9, 2011

these are some pics of some beautiful someones i know. the pics are either inspiring, fashionably amazing or just plain beautiful. enjoy.

my hot mom in highschool (far left)
my amazing and lovely friend Mel
fabulously chic momma leah
my gorgeous friend Cat
my beautiful friend molly

11 thoughts:

  1. these ladies are beautiful , nice post :)

  2. That first picture of your mum is amazing :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. i hope this is a sunday feature.
    because this sounds fun!
    great pics, great peeps, great post :)

  4. I remember Molly when she could sit on my lap... She has become this amazingly talented and incrediblly beautiful young woman... wow...

  5. Hey I KNOW your gorgeous friend Cat, haha...she used to be on staff of our ministry, Youthstorm, and go to our church, The Crossing, haha.

  6. Love the pics Jess! Beautiful women, everyone of them. That first one is a hottie, isn't she? ;)

  7. what a neat idea!! lovely women!

  8. Your mom was like the ultimate real Cheerleader right out of Greece! What a cool pic to have!


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