posted on: Wednesday, February 12, 2014

 I've lived in the Carolinas for almost 5 years now and I've never experienced a snow storm. Ok, so maybe this isn't a real snow storm, but to my Texan soul, this is a snow storm guys. At around 6 inches and the prediction of hours and hours of constant snow fall…I'm kind of in a different world right now. My backyard is now a sledding haven. Fuzzy blankets, sister talks, a fresh pot of chili simmering  and group texts from my neighborhood besties about grocery runs and snow men, have my heart feeling fresh and excited. I like it when things slow down. My lists don't seem so long, my stresses about everyday things are faded and all I see is white and the wonder in my boys' eyes.

I'll be playing in the snow with my kids and singing "Let it Go" from Frozen if anyone needs me.

Magic Days

 Somedays I throw away schedules, the practical and the ordinary, to find something so sweet and simple,  that it's magic. Magic that isn't measured by expense or achievement,  but by laughter filling the space around me, the sound of eager, excited questions and the look of wonderment on little faces.

We had already had a full morning with our friends at the farmer market, then gourmet doughnut munching,  train rides together, coffee sipping , story time at the library and then lunch. All of our kids were fully enjoying their time together. It was a tiring but perfect first half of the day.

During lunch we decided to be a bit daring and go on yet another adventure, skipping naps in order to take the kids to a fairy festival on a nearby plantation. I wasn't totally sure what we would find but, I was mentally prepared for the possibility of an extra melt down or two. It was worth it. As we explored the acres of woods,  I felt like I was 8 years old, living in a dream land finding the most amazing fairy houses scattered under various fallen trees, built from bark, moss and twigs. Our kids were in heaven. We were in heaven. Everyone around us was building an organic abode for little sprites and creatures. It's the best thing to my heart to see little kids finding so much joy in nature. The best.

We finished the day as it stretched into early evening, with a make shift camp on the beach, watching our kids sail their handmade fairy boats on the lake. No money was spent,  just time. Our hearts were filled up with goodness.  The pure joy in watching our kids' imaginations go wild was worth stepping outside of my plan, the predictable and the thought out. Spontaneous "yeses," and taking the small risks outside of the routine can sometimes be just what I need.

As I sat there with two of my closest friends, soaking in the perfection of this afternoon, I told myself that this needs to be normal. How have I slipped away from this feeling? I want wonder to be the common that I never get tired of or take for granted.  I want to try and make more of an intention and effort to make the ordinary magic for my boys and for my own heart, in the coming weeks and months. I want normal to always have wide eyes of expectation and adventure. Why not?

...There might be a magical fairy, forest people world in my back yard by the end of spring. All are welcome.