posted on: Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The single, "Future / Past"  came out on iTunes today and I have been listening to it all morning. We love the McMillan family so much and are so blessed to be a part of the most amazing community with them here in Charlotte. John Mark is an incredible songwriter and brings so much authenticity, raw beauty and true honesty to his music. You can download "Future / Past" on iTunes HERE. Watch the music video down below, as well! You might see a familiar girl in a black hat in there somewhere. ;) The night this was filmed, probably was one of my favorites ever. Hours of genuine love, surrounded by friends, singing our guts out, laughing, pure joy, worship and  community. Guys, I actually got blisters and I didn't step out from my tiny 3 ft circle of space. These lyrics move me to my core. I tear up when I sing them and find hope as I  turn them over again and again in my heart. I hope your hearts are lifted this morning in joy and hope. Enjoy! 

The full album "Borderland" will be released 3.4.14 mark your calendars!  Ah, can't wait! 

(the night "future / past" was filmed. best night ever!) 


posted on: Thursday, January 2, 2014

My dear friend and favorite lifestyle photographer, Melinda (Wild Scout Photography) came over to our home, bright and early one morning this past fall and captured one of our simple, ordinary mornings for us. This is my favorite treasure of pictures from this year. So many little things have changed, since these were taken. Small memories that I might have forgotten are frozen in time. The messes, the smirks, the sweetness, the tears, are all still and perfect for my heart to remember. 

There are more photos from our shoot to be seen on her blog HERE.   Literally, every single picture she posts and every word she writes moves my soul.  If you want your heart to feel alive, go visit her blog and enjoy wandering through all of her beauty. 

When I'm in the thick of ordinary, the beauty of it can be forgotten or brushed off as stressful or meaningless.  Simple and calm can seem boring. Especially, if I let my eyes filter everything through the lens of comparison with the world that I think I see others living.  

But, like magic, when I step outside of my moments into the cherishing of them,  I'm brought wonder. When I gaze at the ordinary through eyes that one day, decades down the road, will be looking back, remembering and wishing, beauty rushes in. If I love with the heart that I know will  be longing  for all of these things, later when age and life have found me wiser,  surrounded with the kindred friendship of my adult children, I will smile more and worry less. Put into perspective, the routine and everyday is a golden treasure.

Ordinary, when cherished, can be a wonderland, my place of joy that brings with it, the simple and the rare gift of contentment.




posted on: Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014. Hello new friend. This year, no rules to break, no goals to fail, just a sincere desire to enjoy the good, hope through the trials and expect beauty in every circumstance. This year I want to truly live from my truest heart and soul and know love deeper and stronger. I look forward to growing older, learning from these coming 365 days, embracing seasons as they evolve and slip away into memories. 

Happy New Year.



One of my favorite things to do, while I'm out shopping, is to look for little style treasures that are inexpensive but look like I have the goods. Cheap finds that look like quality purchases.
I can splurge and add good pricey pieces to my wardrobe, every once in a while.  But for the most part, with two kids and my husband and I full-time freelancing, our budget doesn't accommodate that too often. So, if I want to change up an outfit or two, this is what I do. I'll go in a random store that I 99.9% of the time would never find myself buying anything from, and I'll put my search eyes on. More times than not, I don't come away with anything. But, every once in a while, I do.

Sometimes, I'll see a pair of earrings, a scarf or a necklace etc. that would totally pass as a Free People gem, a bauble from Urban or have a mock, hand crafted look of unique pieces that I like.  Like not too long ago, I randomly saw a pair of earrings that caught my eye at a retail store that I haven't shopped at since I was like 10. I stopped and said to myself, "If those were at my free people store for $35,  I'd buy them right now."  They were only $5.  Yep, I snagged them.  Now, every time I wear them, I get countless "ooohs" and "aaaahs." haha. You never know what you might find.

But since last year, when I began the journey of minimalism, I now have to make myself really think about the purchase, no matter how small, before I buy it.  I don't want to let myself hoard or collect clutter, anymore.  By being more intentional, this helps guarantee that I really love it and can wear it with almost everything.  Hope some of my little tips here will help you stretch your wardrobe and inspire you to shop with new eyes. ;)

Happy treasure hunting mommas, loves and friends!

 jacket / forever 21(i know…who would have thought? $20! what?! no worries with painting in this.)
acid wash skinnies / h&m
moccasins / Minnetonka
Silver feather necklace / claires. ( are you laughing? i am. $3 guys and it doesn't look or feel cheap!)
hat / forever 21 (I haven't shopped there in 2 years but I kinda made bank there this winter.)
crystal necklace /  Velvet (seriously my new all time fav etsy shop! Everything is gorgeous and affordable!) 
feather ear cuff /  Velvet (seriously my new all time fav etsy shop! Everything is gorgeous and affordable!) 
fabric bangle / fair trade, whole foods
tunic top / h&m