2nd Trimester Exercise: Day 1

posted on: Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Head pounding, slight chills and barely any motivation at the moment, I pull myself out of lounging mode and channel into youtube for Prenatal Yoga sessions. The wonder of technology. :) Making myself do at least a little something everyday isn't really that hard (depending on the day honestly) -but days like this when I don't feel like it is the toughest. One "tough" day can turn into another and another. Before you know it I can go a whole week without being "momy active"! But, I did it. I got my work out pants on (that desperately need to be thrown in that load of wash I have going now). These pants in a strange way make me feel more motivated to working out. Ha!

So, here it goes, a whole new level of exercise "2nd Trimester" exercise that is. oooOOOOOoooo...

Clip ready and Music selected, I shall see you my dear blog AFTER my work out. :)


posted on: Monday, February 15, 2010

Maternity clothes. mmm. (not the good, warm and fuzzy "mmmm") I raise my eye brows as I sort through page after page of online maternity stores. Why is it that society as a majority thinks that you wish to dress like a grandma in a moo moo once you grace the season of pregnancy? Can someone explain? Just because I become extra curvy (which I am defining as extra sexy) round and big doesn't mean I want to dress in corny prints and rayon potato sacks!?

Sam's grandmother (who is THE cutest and spunkiest women ever) told me "Honey, I sure do hope they have better looking clothes for you than they did me. Ours were TERRIBLE, THEY made you look 3 times bigger than you were! It was just terrible."

True, now is not the time to worry about my weight, or size-but there is NOTHING wrong with wanting to look my best and keep true to the styles I like to wear. Face it, if you aren't puking with morning sickness, you feel better when you think you look nice. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Since my bump is coming in the warm summer time-I'm finding myself gravitating toward extra long tank tops and layers. But dang, it sure has been hard finding some choices. After searching high and low I have found Etsy is my fav source for my style. Stretchy hemp or jersey fabric is awesome and comfy without the bagginess and billows that add to much in places unwanted.

Stylin' Baby

Welcome to the page that is journaling my quest for boho/vintage/jess style from bump, to baby and beyond. I'm preggerz and am determined to hold onto my style through thin and "thick" alike. Plus, I am looking forward to fusing together the stuff I like for my bean sprout and his/hers space! Yeah baby! So, for most part, pastel pinks and blues are not going to be a part of my vision. Here it comes, Jess' bump style efforts (and fails) baby room plans and fav picks of baby fashion. Whoop whoop!

Exploring Felted Yarn

posted on: Sunday, February 14, 2010

There is something about felted things that I'm am so attracted to. It has such a organic, earthy feel that I think is just fabulous! Here are my latest attempts at creating .

'Dem Toes

My wee little ones future hippie feet will be movin' around with some sweet style! My latest obsession has been creating shoes for my bean sprout. :)