Cupcakes & Buttons Baby Shower Part 2

posted on: Thursday, March 31, 2011

Here are some pics from the photo booth session that we had at Carolyn's shower. It was so much fun! We had fun music on, some girly 1950's props and lots of laughing to go around. Sam and I simply hung an old sheet from the ceiling for a backdrop. It was simple, pretty and fabulous.

In case you missed the video Sam made from PART 1

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Cupcakes & Buttons Baby Shower Part 1

posted on: Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"He's gonna be cute as a button!" was the theme for Carolyn's sweet vintage-chic baby shower. Many of you might remember seeing Carolyn's lovely self when I did a maternity post on her a couple months back. You can click here to see that post if you missed it. I had so much fun planning this shower for her and giving this mommy of two girls and soon to be baby boy, some fun, pretty party time. It was delightful! There were vintage button earrings that I made for party favors, a build your own cupcake bar, complete with fresh berries and your choice of sweet, yummy syrups to mix and match as you desired. (I received my inspiration for that idea HERE.) All of the plates were vintage finds from thrift stores. I only paid $8 for about 25 amazing plates. Score! The circus banners were made from the fabric of vintage sheets that I also found at some thrift stores. Everyone was encouraged to come to the shower, girlied up in old styled dresses and to be prepared for a fun vintage, photo booth styled picture taking session!

The cupcakes were from my amazing local cupcakery: "Cupcrazed". My friend Heather is the owner and my other lovely friend and blogger Margarate is a cupcake baker/creationist there. It is THE best place in the Carolinas to find yummy, one of a kind cupcakes. (If you know me, you know I go there a couple times a week.)

Amazing highlight video my man Samuel put together for us!

We played a game of "don't say baby." Usually, when you play that game everyone starts off with a clothes pin that is pinned to their shirt. Every time someone says the word "baby" you steal their pin and add it to yours. The person with the most pins at the end of the shower wins. Well, we played that game but used buttons glued to paper clips instead to go with the button theme. They were really cute.

I have to say the button ear bobs were the biggest hit of the day! Everyone was excited to pick a pair out and put them on right away. I came up with that idea while trying to think of things you could do with buttons. They were simple, super easy, fun to make, and totally original seeing that they were old antique/vintage buttons. Besides, what girl doesn't like new jewelry? I have collected old buttons since I was a little girl, starting with my great grandma's collection so I have a wealth of them to work with for projects such as this.

This is my cupcake...chocolate, with buttercream icing and my toppings...I about swooned from the perfection of the taste of it.

I found an AMAZING tuna recipe for the shower while I was at Trader Joes, a naturaly inclined grocery store.

2 cans tuna
1 container of tabouli salad
1/2 bottle of natural poppy seed dressing
mix it together, stuff in mini pitas....bam! Amazingness.

Raspberries, mint, lemon and lime slices made for a yummy chilled and lightly flavored water.

Funny story behind the banners: My sewing machine pedal was lost somehow in our move. I didn't realize that until 2 days before the shower and I needed to make them pronto. So, I quickly improvised and proceeded to staple them to the cord. haha. Hey, it worked!

Ivelisse brought this too precious pair of vintage trousers for Káel the day before the shower. They were perfect for his party attire! Thanks love!

blogging mommies
left-right: lauren, kristina, anna & jessie

Carolyn is one of the most refreshing moms. In her sweetness and calmness, nothing phases her mommy way and she is an amazing, fun gal to hang out with. We are so excited for her! Her little boy is due this month!!! Eee! It's going to be an amazing adventure!

Part two is coming tomorrow with fun pics from the photo booth! Don't forget to stop back by.

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