Due Date

posted on: Saturday, August 25, 2012

Well, here we are folks. 40 weeks. :) Last night as I found myself scrubbing my bathroom floor and ridding my house of excess clutter, I realized how extreme I was being. I told myself that Saturday meant not cleaning ANYTHING. So as today marks our due date, we are taking it easy and chilling. Relaxing is a luxury for our family lately. With Sam's work, side projects and my doll business, it has been pretty crazy.  I have been  fighting off a nasty head cold, which is kinda the pits. Being 9 months pregnant and sick isn't the most desirable combo, but thankfully I have a pretty darn sweet guy who runs to the store for me when I just HAVE to have this or that. ;)

The past couple of days, I have kinda felt like a little old lady, grunting as I stand up and holding my back as I waddle down the hallway. Other than lots of cramps and one wee centimeter of dilation, all is quiet in the labor department. I'm not anxious at all. And, if I go late, I'm not freaked out. I've already been there and done that. haha. I am very hopeful and expecting lots of goodness and redemption with this birth. I have an amazing birth support team and lots of peace. Once that little boy pops out, we are popping the cork of champagne and treating this birth like a party...I want to say thank you to all my beautiful heart friends who have spoken peace, beauty and goodness over my birth with this little boy the past months. I'm really excited. Sam is antsy to hold his second son and have a new born in the house again. (Melts my heart.) I think we both feel a little more giddy with this birth because we know how amazing it is. Yeah, exhaustion and all that crazy jazz, but oh man...our new boy is almost here.

Kael's preschool's open house is tomorrow and the wedding of a dear friend and midwife that evening. So if all is quiet, we'll be partying guys.  Lot's of newness and celebration. Maybe I'll go into labor on the dance floor?! How awesome would that be?!

I think we are off to get a five guys and fries burger to celebrate our due date. As I enjoy that bit of American perfection, I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

My beautiful boy,

Let's have a party soon? Wanna?



Art Market Goodness

posted on: Friday, August 24, 2012

39 Weeks day after Art Market with my new favorite Light+Nest bag! 

Well for weeks now,  I have been sewing my rear off! Ha!  Let's just say that preparing for the art market was a challenge that showed to be a little more tiring than normal on my 9 month pregnant body. Staying up until 2 or 3 in the morning putting the finishing touches on my dolls and creating button baubles and trinkets proved to be exhaustingly wonderful and really rewarding. I was even dreaming about polyfill and stuffing doll legs and arms. Where's that darn chop stick stuffing tool? haha. Thread shreds and fabric clippings were all over my floor and my clothes. I don't know how many bobbins I filled or how many thousands of stitches I stitched on my sewing machine. It was and is all worth it though! :)

Like I mentioned previously, my Charlie & Nell doll business is paying for our little boy's preschool.  And, I am happy to announce that at the art market this past weekend, I was able to make almost 3 months of preschool tuition for Forest boy. (Taking a bow.)  I have to say that watching little girls and their moms getting excited as they picked out their favorite dolly was the most rewarding sight to my heart. It made me so happy! I have about 6 more dolls finished now to put up on my site and about 20 more that just need to be pieced together before the holiday season creeps up on me. :)  (I would love a good 3 week crafting break after our baby #2 is born, so I'm still sewing to have a buffer time.)

Tomorrow is my due date and there has been a little action moving towards labor. But so far, there's just been a steady progression, nothing drastic. So, I still have lots of last minute preparing going on! These next few days I'll be making a couple of baby mobiles out of old books, making space for our Nature's Sway baby hammock in our bedroom and purging until I feel my home is clutter free and fresh enough. #nesting haha. Hopefully I'll be able to take some pretty pictures of the new dolls for sale and put them up on my site by this late afternoon. If not by then, definitely by tomorrow.

So until our new little sweetheart makes his debut, I will be working away over here....

Happy weekend to you!!!

The best feeling...just waiting to be finished.
antique key necklaces on vintage lace and trim plus button earrings from the 1930's-1950's. 
I didn't take a pic of my booth until I had been partially cleared out...
Fun, rustic growth chart kits I make. 
My new favs...I'm kinda obsessed with making them. Sleepy time faces on one side, awake-happy faces on the other. I even weighted the raindrops a bit... Presh! Great to make with left over vintage fabrics! I'm going to play around with making some that I can use in the boys' room. 
first ever business cards, kinda feel legit.

Phoenix found her new boho best friend. <3 nbsp="nbsp" so="so" sweet="sweet" td="td">
Tillie was smitten in love.
Olive and Hazel were the sweetest thing, dancing around with their dolls... <3 td="td">


posted on: Friday, August 17, 2012

ART MARKET THIS SUNDAY!!!!!  Noda, arts district in Charlotte!

I have been bustin' my butt getting ready for this art market and I am SO excited! I'll have a booth and so will a few of my girlfriends! I'll be selling a load of my Charlie & Nell dolls, vintage button jewelry, and other old to new goodness.  Jessie  and her shop Lost & Found will have some AMAZING and eclectic baubles, up cycled jewelry and other super cool stuff that you will empty your pockets for! My friend Kim will have a booth as well selling her magazine worthy jewelry from her company SWOON. She uses vintage chains, and broaches to create some of the most stunning pieces I've seen, I'm not even joking! Have you heard of Paige from Light Nest? Um....if you haven't you're in for a treat! She is an amazing seamstress, photographer and artist all the way around! I drool over the bags and vintage blouses she makes. Ah!

 If you are in the area on come out and say "hey," feast on the food trucks, buy some goodies and get some super early holiday shopping done! There will be over 22 different artists and booths displaying and selling their wares and creations! I really hope to see you there!

I have a few more dolls to finish and over 20 pairs of ear-bobs to finish! Until Sunday! Bye lovelies!

 Treasures from The Lost & Found

 Jewelry from SWOON vintage

 Amazing wears from Light+Nest

Dolls, Dolls and More Dolls!

posted on: Thursday, August 9, 2012

After a recent score of yards and yards of vintage fabrics and trims, I have been working away, crafting lots of new dolls for my Charlie & Nell doll shop! Before the new baby comes, I have set some pretty big goals to try and achieve with my little dolly biz.  I also want to get a jump start before fall rolls around (I can't believe it is right around the corner!) eeek!

Of course I absolutely LOVE making these dolls, but I also have some extra motivation to whip these vintage beauties out right now! We have decided to enroll Kael into a two day a week preschool (just for half a day) with a few of his best little friends. I never really thought I would put Forest boy in preschool and especially so young. But, I have been observing how Kael thrives when he is around people and kids his age. (He is truly Mr. Social!) He loves being challenged and having hands on crafts/activities to stimulate him. Let's face it, with having a new born right as he is turning 2, I won't be able to do finger painting and make cotton ball butterflies with him every week. I'd like to, but the reality of that happening is next to zero!  

Actually, it's really perfect timing and an ideal situation on so many levels. One of my closest girl friend's husband is the principal at the school. I got to visit there last year to watch her daughter and my other friend's son perform their Christmas program. It was SO precious! So, my comfort level is beyond at ease. He starts school right around the time of my due date. I'm also hoping to go a wee bit late so I can take him to his first day. This is such a big deal to my momma heart. 

So, I'm super excited and in total sewing mode. I am hoping my dolly business will help supplement and pay for his tuition. My goal is by mid next week to have half of the ones I've finished up in my shop ! (I've been cutting out tons and tons of outfit combos, doll body parts and stitching countless faces for the holiday season, as well!) There are SO many extra sweet dollies I've made this round! I can't wait to show you guys! I'll be doing that very soon....Below are some sneak peek pics of goodies come. ;)  www.charlieandnell.com

I hope you all are having a fabulous week! 


37 Weeks

posted on: Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My favorite mini man in: gap jeans I found on sale for $10, gap sandals and an H&M tiger shirt hand-me-down

Sam snapped a couple of quick pictures of my bump bod while we were at the park. Park day clothes : $6 black jersey mini skirt from forever 21, a knit vest my mom got me years ago,  grey shirt/dress from wet seal I found 4 years ago, leather sandals from one of my trips to Israel. 
So, 3-5 weeks left until I hold our new little sunshine. This pregnancy has been pretty easy and it hasn't been until the last few weeks that I've started to feel the "I'm over being pregnant" feeling. For the most part, I like being pregnant. (Minus the throwing up and the aches.)  Chasing around, and enjoying all the new stages of a toddler have made it a bit more taxing on my energy levels, to say the least. I was talking to my midwife about how my workout routine has been next to zilch. Other than a walk in the park here and there, a handful of squats and my vitamin smoothies, workout life has missed me. With Kael, I biked 10 miles several times a week well into my 3rd trimester, did weight training and walked my butt off. Not this go 'round. But, when I break my days down, I conclude that I get an all over body workout pretty much everyday. Cleaning, picking up, playing with and chasing after my little man gives me the calorie burn I need. haha.

This pregnancy has zoomed by, seriously. It's been like a blink. It's just really hit me in the past week or so that we are actually going to have another little personality in the house. Getting so distracted by daily life, I think I've just become used to being pregnant and forgotten what the end of pregnancy means. BABY TIME! :) Sam and I are ready for a newborn to be in the house again. I'm so looking forward to it. Aaaaaaand, at this point, I'm ready to stop waddling. ;)

Here are a handful of differences comparing this pregnancy with Kael's:

* I'm 20 pounds lighter than I was with Forest Kael.

* I'm tanner (thank you mr. pool).

* I'm way less stressed.

* No new stretch marks (The old ones are still there but barely visible, again thank you to mr. sun.).

* A bit more tired (Ok, a lot more tired now. haha).

* No swelling whatsoever this time!

* Way less junk food. (Only 2 milkshakes compared to literally countless with Kael.).

* Naming this little munchkin has been taking quite a bit longer, but I think we've almost narrowed it down.

* I pee way less with this pregnancy, but am drinking more water? Who knows...

* My tummy is carrying this little boy lower and tighter.

* I'm way more sleepy (second time mom syndrome).

I kinda have a feeling that I might go late with this little tug boat, but we'll see. I'm happy either way. I know what it's like to be late so I'm not freaking out. It might be kinda nice to have the extra time to get the last loose ends around the house all organized and just so. But, then again, I'd really like to get this baby in my arms asap and say cheers to the end of a race and to one heck of a party to celebrate! (Lauren, I'm thinking the champagne is a dang perfect idea.) ;)

A little bit of recent happenings, I've been doing serious bulk production of my Charlie & Nell dollies and getting ready to add a ton of stock to my store! More updates on that very soon!

Park Day

posted on: Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kael has been so obsessed with farm animals lately, especially horses and cows, it's so precious. We have a green way, not too far from our house and decided to take our little buddy to see and enjoy their farm animals. His face was pure joy when he saw the horses grazing. His little voice started making horse and cow sounds. I could feel my Texas heart swell with pride as he fearlessly fed and patted them. (I used to be a cowgirl, no joke. Longhorns, wranglers, bareback riding and all.) He roamed, found magical sticks, climbed up 100 year old porches of the cabins on the property and explored the trails with us. 

A hysterical moment happened when his first time worn, vintage Alf shoes, which he LOVED, started to fall to pieces as he ran through a field. The soles just started falling off. (This boy loves him some shoes, and fine threads.) He was seriously upset and distraught that his beloved shoes were ruined.  He looked so confused. I felt so bad for him, but it was SO, so funny. Sweet boy. Thankfully I packed an extra pair of sandals,  just in case and our day continued.  

It was such a wonderful, simple time with the 3, almost 4 of us.  I'm so glad we went. It was kinda last minute and didn't make all that much sense to go, seeing we had tons to do before an out of town wedding trip. But, years down the road I'll remember the sweetness of the time we made for this little adventure. I won't remember all the stuff we had to do once we got home. That's the beauty of happy memories. 

Oh little boy, knowing we can make your heart happy is the most amazing feeling for your daddy and me. We talked about that very fact driving down to see your beloved horses and cows today. You are our happiest smile. Love you little handsome. More adventures to come. 

37 Weeks with our new  handsome little boho boy. I can't wait to bring my boys here to romp around and explore together.

Daddy kisses are the best. The love between these two makes my heart burst. This thing, this experience called life, keeps having more meaning and more beauty every step of the journey.