Paint, Fatigue and Milk

posted on: Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tomorrow our little dude's room and our mid-century changing table will finally be painted! The dresser is a watermelon color, which isn't bad it's just not what I'm going for and the walls are an awesome taupe color but I want to bring a little more life in his dream space. :) I'm SO excited! Eeee! Once the walls are painted, we can put up all the tree decals! It feels so good to get this done!

One of the things I've been using for color inspiration is an old cross stitch my mom found for me! It should be amazing when it's all done. Which, will need to be soon, I only have a couple plus more weeks till he could arrive.

Actually, he could come any time now. My midwife told me 2 days ago that I'm measuring at 40 weeks. (I've been a couple of centimeters over every time for the past 6 months! haha) She told me to keep my cell phone handy to time my contractions when the come. I've had a couple of bigger ones the past week but nothing that's continuous.

Severe fatigue has set in, unlike anything I've had during my whole pregnancy. I'll get a small spurt of what I try to imagine is energy then "poof" it's gone and I feel drugged. Sleepy little song birds start to sing me to sleep and I'm in a daze. It's kinda funny. I'm so not used to not being able to shake drowsiness so I just laugh as much as I can.

Tonight I have a milk boob class-aka breast feeding. I'm super excited about it. Breast feeding is the subject I decided to save for the month of July. (As far as intense study goes.) I haven't really gotten around to it so I'm glad for the class later. :) I've studied it but not delved deep. I'll be the first gal since my great-grandma to breast feed! So, I'm looking forward to restarting the practice. :)

I thought it was interesting the other day I got a packaged "sample" in the mail from a formula company. They sent me 2 HUGE containers of 2 different types of formula. I never registered for it, signed up or anything. It didn't offend me or anything I just was like, "Um, I didn't ask for this...what makes you think I'm going to use this?" I was raised on formula and turned out just fine but the health benefits of mom's own milky way supply FAR surpasses anything formula can or ever can do from what I've studied and heard from other moms. I'm going to write my own summary of why I'm choosing to go with the boob flow over the powder. Just my honest thoughts. :) Should be amusing I'm sure.

Anywhoo, I've got some really funny pics I'm going to be uploading over the next couple of days and a giveaway coming up too! So, check in and enjoy! :)

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  1. Looking forward to the pics!

  2. I was just blogging around this morning and found your blog. It was enjoyable reading. Thank you for letting me visit.


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