Grill Out Baby!

posted on: Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What do you do when you have a group of amazing, crazy friends, an awesome summer day, a pool, a grill and a baby on the way to an artsy couple? You have a crazy grill out, pool party baby shower of course!

Well, last weekend we had our "Grill Out Baby", baby shower! It was a blast I must say! :)
We grilled, we had water gun wars, tie-dye DIY's, gifts, laughing and the guys even had a couple of games of suburban fencing! Ha!

There was a ton of watermelon, a million pastries and build your own kabobs!
Our friends are truly amazing!
One of my girl friends got me a very green, eco friendly and very Jess friendly present! A basket full of vintage children's books, an owl nightlight, glass bottles and a ton more! I was excited.
Amber in the upper right hand corner was fascinated with her apple juice lid.
Let the water wars begin!
the guys, waging war with their swords!
Our friends James and Kristina just had their baby girl, Adoration a month ago! (Their birth story is AMAZING!)
Ailsa, the little blond 4 year old in the pics is fascinated with my belly and knows that "Jessica's Baby is inside there." She and her little sister Amber love feeling him move and hiccup. During the baby shower when things got quiet for a short moment, Ailsa looks over at James as he was holding Adoration, and exclaims, "Is THAT Jessica's baby?!" Haha! It was one of those hysterical moments that make you laugh every time you replay the memory in your head. :)
We set up a tie-dye station and created some AMAZING pieces of baby art! :)
It was SO much fun! I figure, my little guy is bound to spit up, throw up and have some diaper leakage eventually, what better way to prolong the stylish life of a stark white onesie or burp cloth than some fabulous tie-dye!? We used browns, greens oranges and blues for our color pallet!

Oh yes...did you notice my stellar locks!? Can life get any better? I have my man, my baby, my family (they are arriving today!) my amazing friends and as a cherry on dreads.

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  1. And I missed it...again... Hey, I want to see some pictures of the baby art! Miss you and love you<3

  2. so did you get real dreads done???

  3. Wow! I love the crocheted blanket and tie-dye idea! :D


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