Goodies In the Mail!

posted on: Friday, July 9, 2010

So, I got some goodies in the mail this week! Two packages-one from Mod Cloth and the other from Etsy! My tree decals finally came in! Now, I just have to get that wall painted then we'll put up the trees!

I ordered a really cool, comfy top that I thought would cover my big 36 week preggerz belly-which it does! I usually don't do stripes because they can tend and add width where you don't really desire width...;) But, I liked this one so much I thought I would give it a try. :)

I discovered something random. I was looking for a strapless bra to where with this and mine is too small now. So, I grabbed my belly band, (you know the stretchy band you use in order to still where you pre-prego jeans etc.?) and put it on like a tube top then doubled it over. Works perfectly. Oh the joy of trying strange things.

A grey tank top, black leggings and my new blue striped shirt-ready to go baby.

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