Little Guy is Moving In

posted on: Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our little boho boy's room got all painted yesterday as did his amazing changing table! The room is bright and happy now! :)

mid-century dresser/changing table painted "Koi" from Behr and the walls "Retro Avocado" :)
We have a big shag rug we are going to try out-it might be too big, but I hope it fits!

In the process of all that though, all the half organized bins and boxes of baby stuff got scooted into our tiny living room and hallway. So, it kinda looks like we just moved in.

Along with all that, I went through, purged and organized my horrifically, disastrous closet. It had become a pile upon pile of scariness. I really have been wanting to get my little cabin de-cluttered before our little adventurer arrives. When friends and family are over and ask if they can get me "such and such..." I really don't want to have to say, "Um, yeah...the baggies are behind my records, that are in the bathroom closet under the towels and bags of jewelry..." eeek. Thankfully that is no longer the case...

I'm feeling rather accomplished as everything starts to come together. Last night Sam, myself and my folks did a final baby run to the store to get supplies. My mom was like, "If he were born on Sunday, what would you need?" So, we went down the list and got some goodies for little guy (and mommy). ;)

I'll be posting pics over the next two days of all the progress. I can't wait to show you his little room! :) Eee!

I've been experiencing more and more low cramping that seems to hint and remind me that I have a little human dreamer inside that's about ready to make his grand entrance. :)

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  1. so.... jess... when are you going to teach us how to wrap our hair like you do... its AWESOME. i could really use a few pointers, i seem to be scarf illiterate!


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