A 4th With the Boys

posted on: Monday, July 5, 2010

So, this was my first 4th of July as a married lover and soon to be mommy. Two truly BIG firsts. We started our day yesterday by getting the gang of our friends together and heading over to our friend Heather's surprise birthday party! Then, we headed over to our friends' the Webb's home for a 4th of July block party-more amazing food than we could eat, laughing, friends, swimming and an amazing firework show! It was fabulous.

While swimming/browning my big belly I kept getting the sweet looks and surprised looks from friends and family of friends seeing that I was sporting a bikini. HAHA!

The night ended with all our guy friends gathering together with eye goggles, trash can lids, old hoodies and roman candles. All their Call of Duty dreams were lived in blasting color as they dueled and warred in an open field. It's a crazy tradition that started a few years ago and I have to say, I had a BLAST watching Samuel and his friends living in their testosterone glory of battle. haha!

I love summer time! So many women comment to me how hard it must be, being so big and all during the summer. I shake my head and tell them, quite the contrary, I LOVE being pregnant in the summer time. I love the heat, I love the pool and I truly enjoy turning all shades of coco. :)

Now, if I wasn't staying active like I have been, I probably wouldn't enjoy it quite as much, but the combo of working out, swimming and being a native Texan, used to the heat-it's in the bag for me.

This morning my little guys bum was sticking up creating a bulge in my ever expanding tummy. I looked over at Sam and said how I can't wait til we can see and touch him instead of going, "Um, yeah, I think that's his butt right there, oh wait, is that his head!?" LOL!

My due date is between August 8th and the 15th! Only weeks away.


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  1. Oh Jessica, you don't know me, but I love both of your blogs! I love your optimism and your positive attitude and your wonderful spirit that just shines through your blog posts!

  2. I loved being prego in the summer too! : ) Nothing like a tan belly and a manicure to look at while in labor!

  3. Hey Jess! So happy to read your still wearing a bikini!! I'm still wearing mine and it cracks me up the looks and responses I get when u wear it... Lol


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