Mommy Where Are the Markers?

posted on: Monday, July 5, 2010

I don't even remember where I found these photos, but when I did, my heart was very happy! I SO want to have a piece of furniture in my house that is used for this purpose. :) Yes, I know there could and probably would be consequences, haha but, I still want to! :)

I'm starting to get even more and more excited about the craziness my little boy and I will do and see and adventure together.

Days where we go around with our faces painted just because we can. Or times when we're so wrapped up in a story we continue the theme throughout the entire week.

Soon, I'm going to be able to say "My boys and I are going to be...." That one little phrase makes my heart smile so big.

Today, I'm going to finish sorting through all his cute little clothes and organize them by size, put the big ones we've collected away and perhaps sew some more pillows and the like for his room. The room I know we won't actually use for several months since we are going to co-sleep. HA! But, still, it's a project that reminds me he's really coming.

I THINK my Etsy decals came yesterday. But, seeing that we were at Birthing Class Fed Ex left a note and will be delivering the package today! I SO hope it's the boy's trees for his Forest room. :) We shall see!

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  1. They are from

    Judy Aldridge did one with her daughter, Jane, and then had her sister (who is a doctor at a children's hospital) take one and have her patients go wild on it. What they do it buy old furniture, get them re-upholstered in plain canvas, draw on them with sharpies, then do a couple coats of clear acrylic. I have been following their blogs for a few years - very creative mother/daughter team :). I'm going to do this with my kids one day. It's a wonderful way to decorate the house and make memories.


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