Hot, Pregnant and About to Pop

posted on: Sunday, July 25, 2010

Today was SO hot! I mean, unbelievably hot and that's coming from a girl born and raised in Dallas Texas. Sheesh!

For those of you who follow my twitter you can see that I have been a girl running back and forth all over town the last few days! My parents just moved here from our native Dallas to be close for the arrival of our little dude. They found a sweet little yellow, two story cottage with two AMAZING front porches. They are in the process of furnishing it and I've been helping by showing them around town, taking my mom to furniture stores and searching for cottage decor inspiration! :)

My mom is one of my absolute best-est friends and so is my dad. It's been a blast knowing that they are going to be so close for this most amazing time in our lives!

My mom and I last summer.

My mom and dad are hilarious!

Today, my dad decided to hang out at REI the camping store, (one of my favs) while my mom and I went to practically EVERY furniture store in town. We hit over 6 in an hour and a half! (Um, just so you know, that's impressive for the women in my family.) We had our eyes out for a particular style so it was pretty easy to narrow it down.

I'm starting to feel sorry for my family who is closest around me this past week. I'm realizing my patience isn't as extended and my usual exuberance is dampened by exhaustion. I'm not used to feeling beat tired out and this week it has been nothing but! Especially today! It was freaking hot and I didn't seem to be all there. Ha!

Realizing I only have 2 and 1/2 week-ish to go is encouraging! I don't want to be all down and "Oh geez, when the heck is this baby going to come for crying out loud!?" I have LOVED being pregnant, it's been one of the most amazing, fun and full of adventure experiences ever. But, this week has been tough, I won't lie. I was tired all day even after an AMAZING breakfast with my folks! Ha, I should have cracked an egg and fried it on the pavement for extra protein this afternoon. ;)

Before we all ate dinner together, (and at the pinnacle of my exhaustion) we headed over to my parents new place to put together their new slip cover sectional couch etc... I couldn't take it any longer...The floor was calling my name like a sweet lullaby...down I went in a half coherent daze. Ah, laying down never felt so good. :)

The couches before Sam and Brandon tackled them into a pieced existence.

After a full day of furniture shopping... the floor was heaven.

So, my little man child, momma loves you so much even when I feel tired and zapped by the heat. Every time you move it sends a shot of joy through my heart and an instant blurry eyed smile to my face and makes all this stuff that's hit me at the tail end totally worth it. I know that when I see your little face, feel your skin and lock eyes with you for the first time, this will all by nothing but a memory to make me laugh at myself. You'll have fun with Daddy and I! We'll create worlds of adventure and sail seas of dreams!

Loves babe,

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