Beautiful Someone Sunday Week 6

posted on: Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday beautifulness today! Today is May 1st which means several things to me:
  1. My neighborhood pool opens up. Boooyah!
  2. May means summer, even if it isn't official.
  3. Yes, I have my bathing suit and board shorts on.
  4. I am just barely over a week away from my girl time beach trip with several of my lady loves.
Oh goodness! I am going outside right now to my sweet little backyard with a pretty blanket, sporting my bikini and a BOOK TO READ! Eeeee! Did you read what I said, a book to read!!? I haven't read a book just for pleasure in months and months. I'm in heaven! (A boho bikini body post coming tomorrow, btw.)  Oh yes!

Please check out my hot Gran...I found this pic while going through the albums at her house and swooned. Dang!  It's pretty awesome having a young, fiery red-head for a grandmother. I am in love with this photo.

Please click the link below to vote.  Only 4 days left! Eee! I'm so excited!

5 thoughts:

  1. okay im not just saying this....I really think you and your husband and me and my husband would be good friends if we knew each other in real life :). happy sunday....your fam is beautiful

  2. oh man casey! i LOVE your blog! where do you guys live!? i think you are right.... <3

  3. i wish may meant summer for utah! it was snowing yesterday :( waaaa!

  4. LOL It's snow today here (I feel your frustration Christa!) Summer isn't summer until July sometimes LOL!

  5. LOVE the photo! She is stunning! So are you:)


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