Off to the Races...

posted on: Friday, May 6, 2011

me in very raw, morning form with little man 10 min after waking up and 5 min before walking out the door. muah. 

Hey Lovies!

I'm headed out the door early this morning to try and get all the errands done off of my "to get" list for the beach. We are taking my mom wagon to get new tires at 1 today so, I have to bust my buns and be quick! I'm running to Target, Walmart, the baby store, the health food store and somewhere else I just can't remember. LIST! haha. I want to get everything knocked out early so I can enjoy the rest of my day with my boys. AND, we are taking the Clarks, (who just had baby Arthur) a meal tonight and I don't want to be rushing around for that. I'll have a fun detailed list of beach goodness later. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH for voting for me! Some amazing way we ended up at #8 in the top 25. You all are the sweetest. Truly you are. 

Well, my son is trying to "help" type/ attack my computer...I'm off to the races! 



4 thoughts:

  1. Have a great day :D It's so cute whey they try to type, heehee ^_^

  2. Have a good day! :)

    I LOVE my headwraps like the one you're wearing. On mornings where I have to get ready in a hurry I can pull one of those on and throw my hair in a messy bun and I'm READY. Such a time saver!

  3. You are so beautiful! And so is your little guy, look at that face!
    Oh & I am lovin' your new header!
    xo, Jamie

  4. 10mins after waking up? You look GOOD! :) Go superwoman!


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