8 Months

posted on: Wednesday, May 4, 2011

There is such a sweet excitment about Káel this month. When I stand him up on my lap, facing me and look into his little face, his eyes seem to understand and realize more than they used to. There are glimmers of a mischievous little excitement behind his adorable smile. He's changing from my little baby to my little buddy. He officially crawls now and pulls himself up on his knees. (That's his favorite thing right now, the knees.) I can be across the room and if I stop, say his name and stretch out my arms, motioning him to come to momma, he gets THE biggest smile on his face and scoots/crawls right over to me! I seriously have the friendliest, happiest baby. With the exception of about 3 stranger anxiety situations, he loves everybody and is a total flirt. 

We do have some recent new developments. Pinching. Pinching has become a problem that we are trying to survive (especially Sam's beard) and "gentle" is probably the most used word in our house with him this month. haha. He's just intensely excited about being able grab things, but I do have a couple scratches on my face. One fabulous thing is that Káel has been sleeping through the WHOLE night, every night since we came home from Dallas. He goes down to sleep around 8:30pm and wakes up around 8:30am. Sam and I are in sleeping heaven! I don't know what to do with myself! 

My little sweetie still loves to eat anything that we give him. The past couple of weeks, he has been huffing and puffing from excitement before we give him each bite. He is definitely my child, utterly elated about the littlest thing. I can't get enough of his little voice and his little baby thoughts that he tries to tell me about with his eyes and body language. It can't get any better than this!

Forest boy is also starting to live up to his name. He LOVES, loves, loves being outside and watching me point out each thing that we see. We'll spend half a day in our backyard, on a sheet with a few toys and some music. And, his little legs have gotten a golden tan glow from all our walks, it's so cute! 

Once again, Káel is happily obsessed with his little piano below. THE coolest toy ever. His sweet set of little threads are from:

Baby Gap-skinny jeans
American Apparel-onsie & suspenders 
compliments of my mom and dad.

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  1. You two look so alike! He is adorable :) I have a similar piano ready for Asher as well

  2. Those suspenders are too cute :) I've been voting for you since I discovered your blog via Youtube video of your wedding (so precious, made me tear up ). Good luck with the top 26 moms competition, I'm sure you'll make the top 10! xxx from Edinburgh (Scotland).

  3. Oh please oh please where did you get the suspenders from??

  4. Ok I guess I should read more carefully :)

  5. OH my gosh. So so so so sweet!

    I hear you on the pinching thing, she loves to do it on our faces especially, lips and chins.... I'm getting hair pulls too, that is not so exciting. Love their exploration of the world.. So fun :) :)

  6. The suspenders kill me. He is just so cute and it sounds like he is so wonderfully loved. :)

  7. Oh Jess, he is just the most beautiful little darling. I wish we could all hang out, go on walks and adventures together! One day? I'm so proud for you guys, of how awesome he is doing- and what a great sleeper! I hope Henry starts sleeping through the night again soon! :D

    Congratulations mama, you are doing such an amazing job and little darling is so lucky to have you. You're an inspiration to me.


  8. So cute! I just thrifted some suspenders for my little Judah but he wont fit into them for another few months :-) Can't wait!

    Did you get the piano at Target? I saw one similar last week and am dying to go back to get it for my son

  9. Aw what a sweet post! My 8 month old is not yet crawling... oh well, less work for me =)

  10. Eeeeeeeeek! The suspenders are adorable! And so is that baby. :) xo

  11. He is such a little spunk! You dress him in the coolest clothes EVER!

    From very early on my friend takes her baby's hands and strokes her face with them saying "gentle". It sticks, so when they start getting a little rough and she says "gentle", they stop and stroke her face. It's precious :)

  12. OMG. My son Oliver is 8 months old as well. He is allllmost crawling - he likes to go backwards. Seriously, I need to get Oliver some of those adorable suspenders! They are SO adorable. I freakin' love his little outfit.

  13. I love his clothes so much :)
    my little guy is almost 6 months. anytime I read about a baby sleeping through the night, my heart gets so hopeful. someday... someday.

  14. love love love the new header!
    Your little man is just too cute! I love me some suspenders on little boys! :)

  15. I love the suspenders. your baby's photos are so beautiful too. What a cute toy piano. I found you through the circle of moms blogs (I was on there too but was #41). You have a lovely blog!!! i remember when my sons used to have a pinching issue too. It will pass in time. ;)

  16. Awwh! Those suspenders are literally the cutest things ever!! Except maybe the piano! We want some!! :)
    Lots of Love
    Momma B & Babyboy

  17. omg that outfit is so darn cute!


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