Grandma Snuggles

posted on: Saturday, April 30, 2011

My mom is head over heels in love with Káel! It was such a treat for me to be able to enjoy him with her on our trip to Dallas this past weekend. I had been kind of bummed that she was seeing him while he was sick because, being such a flirt/ham/cute little stink bug, his personality was toned down. The last day of our trip, he started feeling better and had some extra love snuggles with Grandma while watching the Disney movie, Enchanted. (Which he LOVES!) There were giggles, happy little squeals and lots of cuddles and kisses. 

Oh, guess whose been sleeping through the WHOLE ENTIRE night since coming back from Texas? Yep, from 8:30-8:30! It's a heaven that I'm enjoying to the fullest! Well, my little traveling boy is scooting his way into the kitchen, I better go corral him back into the living room! Enjoy your weekend lovelies! 

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4 thoughts:

  1. yayyy for sleeping through the night! Those are fantastic hours, too!

    and those pictures, oh my goodness.

  2. That is great that he is sleeping through the night!

    He is super cute :)

  3. Aww! Such lovely pictures!! :D :D


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