Fever Scare

posted on: Friday, April 22, 2011

I knew it was going to happen eventually. Baby with fever, mom up all night, dad worrying, neither one of us really knowing what to do...

I'm laying here in bed even though it's 10 am, I just woke up. Last night was pretty rough and I'm half awake. We were supposed to go over to a friends house for a night of worship last night but we decided to stay home because I was still getting over whatever junk I had. (I'm pretty much all better now.) Well, thank God we didn't go because around 8pm Káel got a fever that made him miserable. He had fought every nap that day, so I put him to bed a little early, around 7. His temp. started out at 100 then climbed to 101.5 by 2:30am. I was a mess that seemed calm. We tried putting him in bed with us, wet cloths, water, blankets, then no blankets. He would sleep in intervals of 20-40 min. I woke up countless times to go check on him once we put him in his crib again. He was so hot and uncomfortable...it broke my heart.  I have to say, my twitter feed was very helpful in calming my heart and giving me advice as I would wake up at wee hours this morning. I'd check it after I went to soothe my struggling baby. So was my facebook this morning. Thank you guys SO much for the advice, love and prayers...for reals, you have no idea.

Little boy has been out cold since 6:30am which is crazy good. He usually wakes up around then for a feeding, he ate most of it.  His fever seems to have gone back down to pretty much normal and it is raining really hard which always helps him sleep longer in the morning. I'm open to tips on what you would do in that situation. Any remedies or solutions that work especially good for your kids? What about flying? We are flying out to Dallas tomorrow, hopefully he will be ALL better by then but what if there is a little lingering? I'm open to tips and suggestions. Thanks...

-a very tired, but relieved jess

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  1. aww girl you are an amazing mommy! You did a good job...motrin, LOTS of nursing to help him fight it, and tons of cuddles of course! but you know all those things..hope you get some really good tips. Keep up the good work momma!

  2. i think you will be fine with the flight Jess, the motion can be kind of soothing, i flew with Sam when he was getting over being sick and he just slept or cuddled most of the flight, remember to keep Baby Tylenol and Motrin in your hand luggage and alternate them. Hope he gets to feeling better soon it breaks your heart when your baby is sick XXX

  3. We don't medicate fever at our house...but we do medicate discomfort if it's keeping the boys from sleeping. Otherwise, we just keep them hydrated and ride it out. ((hugs)) Hope your guy feels better ASAP!

  4. Several weeks ago my little guy's first fever turned out to be TEETH! Six came in at once! Bowman is a bit older older than Káel so it could be a possibility. I didn't see the teeth coming in, it was our doctor that spotted the slits in his gums. Just something to keep in mind :)

  5. Gosh, I hope you guys feel better!!! :( Kael is a good babe - I'm sure he'll do great on the flight. Safe travels!!

  6. oh, wish you two new healthy days!

  7. Awe. Fever scares are the worst. When my son was 9 months old or so, we went to bed and I woke up sweating I rolled over and gave him a kiss and he was sooo hot! We took him to the hospital right after taking his temp. It was 103.9 or so.

    Then my daughter got a fever of 106 something. That was terrifying!

    Hoping all is well with you guys!!

  8. Awww, poor angel! And poor mama! Hope you enjoyed your visit back in Texas! We enjoyed the delicious combination of thuderstorms and sunshine at my parents condo in Dallas....and my late great grandmother's orange chiffon cake I decided to surprise my mom with for her birthday! YUM* Good times.

    Sending healing thoughts to your little angel.



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