Sick Little Bear

posted on: Monday, April 4, 2011

Yesterday was a rough day in our house. My little handsome was a very sick little bear. He had a fever, snotty nose that wouldn't stop running and a little cough. Poor little fella, he was so uncomfortable all day long. Momma snuggles were the only thing that seemed to help him. He just laid on me practically all day long. For a little stinker who moves non stop that showed me how much he didn't feel 100%.

Night time came and his fever got a little higher, I started to kind of freak out. He went to sleep but up chucked his bottle. I cleaned him up and wiped down his crib sheet. THEN, about 10 min later he threw up his dinner of solid food. Avocado and banana were EVERYWHERE. All over his crib, in his ears, all over his clothes. He seemed so exhausted and miserable. I carried him in our bedroom while Sam cleaned up his crib and changed the sheets. I gave him some water which he gulped down. My heart was breaking. My stress/worried level was through the roof. Yeah, I know it was just a little cold bug but, Káel's never really gotten sick other than a stuffy nose one time. I made a barricade of pillows so he wouldn't roll off our mattress and sat there rubbing his little back as he started to pass out. Our good friends the Clark's saw our twitter and called to pray for little buddy, which meant the world to me. Thanks guys.

He slept the rest of the night other than flooding his crib with pee. (probable from all the water.) Sigh. Oh dear goodness. Sam and I changed him, his clothes and his crib bedding AGAIN. It was just a rough night for all of us. When I woke up around 7:30 to get Káel I was met with buckets of smiles. No more fever, still a runny nose but my little adventurer seems to be doing much, much better.

The one and only thing that was good about him being sick was the fact that he snuggled and cuddle me so much. There is something magical about me being able to comfort Forest boy and make it all better by holding him close.

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  1. Oh I feel sorry for him :(

    Little Khaya had something similar a couple days ago...

  2. Some breastmilk in the nose can really help a nose clear up fast! For future noses ;)

  3. Poor darling. I'm glad he's feeling better. What a gorgeous little boy :)

  4. Awwww poor boys! :( I know, I'm loving me some cuddles!

  5. He's such a cutie! so sad to learn he was not feeling all right, hope he's doing much better, kisses!

    <3 Cess O.
    The Outfit Diaries

  6. he is one of the cutest babies i have EVER seen! and i'm sorry he's been sick. that sucks!

  7. Feel better Forest boy. Hugs!

  8. I am very happy the Little bear is feeling much better. You did a good job caring for him and you did keep it together. you just passed mommy-hood 101. Good for you! Tell Sammy that I am proud of him for being there with you and not passing it off to the MOM. BUt again I am saying this because I would not expect anything less from Sam I am. He is a favorite of mine and one of the GOOD Ones most assuredly. I know first hand. : ) GOod for both of you. Gad the Forest man is better!!


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