Plans for the Weekend

posted on: Friday, April 8, 2011

Are you excited for the weekend?! I'm stoked for it! Some girlfriends and I, who are working on launching an amazing project are doing a photo shoot/video shoot on Saturday! Today I have to decide what I'm going to wear. I'm gonna boho it up with head wrap, tons of curls and some awesome textures. The thing with me and dressing myself is that I'm usually always super spontaneous with what I wear. It kind of evolves into an outfit rather than a planned set of threads. So, basically I'm gonna tear my messy closet up and lay out all my favsies and play. On top of that Sam and I are gearing up for our garage sale that we'll be having in a couple weeks.

Little update on my mini-mister boy: he's scooting and taking one crawl step at a time now! He seems much more content to play in one spot since he figured out how to sit up and scoot around. I have a victory story to tell. Káel had been hanging on to his 4 am feeding even though he eats like a horse before he goes to bed. So, last night instead of giving him his bottle at the first fussy cry, I waited a minute, gave him his pacifier and turned on his little fish tank. He fussed for a couple more minutes but then fell fast asleep for anther 2 hours. He had his morning bottle at 6:30 then went back to sleep til 8:30ish-9. Yes!!! I was expecting a few nights before he would sleep all the way through without a bottle. We'll see how tonight goes, hopefully well like last night.

Speaking of the bigness of my boy, we had a doctor's appointment yesterday (he's the one who gave me the tips on trying his no 4 am feeding thing.) where we found out Forest boy is in the 99% percentile in height at 31 inches and at 20lbs. he's in the 70%.
I have a long solid little fella.

Well, I'm going to go start the searching my closest process for tomorrow, maybe go window shop with some lady loves then head over to Sam's work. It's his last day today and some friends of his there are throwing him a little party thingy. Our life is an adventure as always and it will be interesting to see all the amazing things that will unfold.

Take a look at a couple of the new sponsors we have for this month. I'll be doing a cool post on some of them this coming week and telling you about some fun giveaways!

Have a fabulous weekend dears!

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5 thoughts:

  1. 30 lbs is only 70% percentile?!? big big boy! so glad he slept through the night! :)

  2. Did you say 31"!?!? And I thought Mason was big. He's 7ish months right? Hes such a beautiful boy. I hope he's content with the paci from now on. We pop the paci when Mason wakes up but now he wakes up when he can't find it ha! It's a vicious cycle:)

  3. Oh my word I would LOVE to attend your garage sale! :D Love that photo of you and the big boy! Do you think boho head wraps would work on really thin straight hair?


  4. Can't wait to see what your new project is! p.s. your little boy is too cute in that photo!

  5. Can't wait to see the pics from your weekend. I hope you are gonna share. Just love your beautiful little family.


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