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posted on: Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So, I've been trying to find some kind of "mommy jewelry" that I would actually wear. Even something for the new grandma's of my family etc... Something with an organic feel. Well, today I found Rock My World Inc. while searching on etsy. Jackie Kaufman is the artist and all her pieces are made from recycled silver!

I'm super excited about this find!

I think it would be cool to do you and your man's finger print on the main heart then your little one's on the mini heart.

You can incorporate yours and your baby's finger prints on pendant, key chain or ring! She also does custom designs! I think I'll put my pendant on a leather band or a braided hemp chain.

momma and baby

Here you can put your baby's thumb print on a ring and get his/her name carved on the side.

These are my favs. Simple, individual finger print pendants that don't look like the norm. You can put your child's, husband's or any family member's name on the back of there own print! Mom isn't the only one that can wear some of these designs! There are lots of options for dad and grandpa. Put one of these on a thick leather cord and wallah! Perfect daddy gift! These are GREAT gift ideas, especially with the holidays coming up!

I want to order a set like this-Sam, me and baby boy.

CLICK HERE to see more!

My other favorite mommy jewelry pick is Figs and Ginger! A fabulous find for the whimsical of heart! As a momma to a little woodland boy, I myself LOVE their work! Figs and Ginger are a husband and wife team that design and create green jewelry that is both unique and eco-friendly! Their creations are of little woodland birds, forest fawns and storybook trees. Check them out!

Click HERE to read more about Figs and Ginger

Do you have one baby fawn or two in your family's forest?

You can customize your necklace by adding as many baby birds as you have in your little nest! :)

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  1. Oh, I love mommy jewelry! I was just looking for some on etsy for my mom. I just had my 4th baby last week and wanted to give her something with all the grandkids represented. Thanks for the links.

    I found your blog when you were 39 weeks pregnant or so and have loved reading. Kael's birth story is amazing and he is SUCH a cutie!!

  2. I love these! Lately I've been all into "hippie" or, green eco boho type stuff too :)

  3. I've been looking for some mommy jewelry thats not cheesy too.

    I found these (and I already know what I want for mother's day!)Not usually a monogram fan but I thought these were so beautiful and old world looking.

  4. that's so crazy you posted this. I just LOVE the fingerprint designs, they are wonderful! I just posted one similar for the wedding ring I want to get my fiance. It would be just a silver band with my fingerprint around it.


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