Sleep, Where Art Thou?

posted on: Friday, October 8, 2010

These are some pics of the early days.

The first two weeks I feel are the ones that are a mixture of being overjoyed and overwhelmed out of your mind. Here you are, with a new little life to love. A little life that has NO CLUE of what a schedule is, needs to be fed, changed, burped, held and burped some more.

I've been doing this a month now and it's no biggie. But, at first it was THE hardest thing. Sleep deprivation class 1o1? Um, missed that one, wished I would have taken it though. And my dear, loved and fellow females that are sporting the bump...please, take to heart what everyone tells you-SLEEP and REST. Especially in your 3rd lap around the track. When your belly ticker is starting to run out and you are due any day-sleep as much as is freakingly possible. You will be more equipped and your battery more charged for the days ahead. I wish I had really taken to heart that advice. Those days are amazing, truly, still will greatly benefit from rest.Ok. I'm done preaching. ;)

I thought it would be fun to take a look at how far I've come in the sleep department.


Day 2
(Remember, I had about 3 hours of sleep all together the 2 days before I went into labor. Which lasted 43, I was pretty wiped out.)

Nap after our first trip out of the house. Mommy was exhausted.
Week 2

Week 3
I passed out in this's true. Let's just say I had a pretty extreme indention on the side of my face.


4 a.m.


Káel now sleeps like a champ...for the most part. ;)

I will say, we get much better sleep now and it's great. We are in a pretty steady routine and I'm six weeks into recovery, so it's much easier on the nights where sleep is lacking. I'm sitting here in bed-desperately wanting to go to sleep but, so tired I can't fall into a dream. Thus, this post.

I'll just listen to the gentle, sweet cooing of my wee little dude as he dreams and I'll smile...ah, somebody is waking up...feeding time.

Sleep, where art thou?


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  1. Aw... I feel so bad for you! I have seen my friend fall asleep in those positions with her babies, while we're talking! :) Hope you get to sleep soon! :) :) :)

  2. these pictures actually make me hurt a little. i remember this & it DOES get better. just one day at a time... one hour at a time. before you know it you'll be up at reading blogs at midnight when everyone else is sleeping just because you can, not because your baby won't sleep ;)

  3. and then there will be the day when your little man falls asleep in his own food.... and you will take a picture and post it. We will all smile. Your heart will remember these first few pics and smile even more deeply than the rest of us.
    You are amazing and I love you....

  4. I have that same white fuzzy chair! It's a great chair until a year from now when a little someone is putting banana hands and cheesycracker fingers all over it :)
    And the best advice I got about sleep was "sleep when the baby sleeps". I still do that and he's 18 months now!

  5. haha...James took so many pictures of me...that look pretty much exactly like yours.

  6. OMG! I LOOOOOVE this post and these pics! You are amazing Jess and it is an absolute blast to follow your life through your blog!

  7. My son still wakes up every two hours and he's 6 mo. He gave me a break 3-5 months though. Ahhh it was wonderful.

    I would love a blog like this. This is exactly what I wanted for my son. But I now live in the country with my mother where dial-up like speed...I have to wait just for your blog to load (but it's worth it)

  8. I just love reading your blogs! It's the first and only blog I've ever kept up with! I know you don't know me at all but I've enjoyed all these beautiful pics and stories... these sleep deprived pictures remind me of my own little men.. they are so sweet. I appreciate the honesty in your blogs too. If you just posted perfect, staged pictures and left out the reality I probably wouldn't even read them. I've enjoyed them all so keep blogging :)

  9. wow, i have a 4 month old at home and he got to come home at 2 months. CDH was why he was in the hospital so long. looks like i missed out on these good times...Good job Momma, keep up the good work :)

  10. awwww thanks you guys! haha i'm glad you're getting some smiles out of these! oh motherhood... ;)

  11. I am 12 years in my my mama journey with 5 kids ages 3~12. It is by far the hardest, most exhausting, challenging and heart wrenching adventure I have ever been on. It also brings such joy, light and laughter to my heart and soul. Seeing the world in their eyes is a gift. Celebrate each moment, they go by so fast. Before you know it you will have a handsome 12 year old boy who can look right into your eyes and throw his arm over your shoulder. Your baby will be a big boy now. You will honestly feel like seconds ago, his little chubby hand fit perfectly behind your ear when he slept on top of you.
    Cheers and much love from VT

  12. this post gave me strength...thank u

  13. wow he is so cute...God bless you and your little family of 3.


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