A Day In the Park

posted on: Monday, October 11, 2010

We all went for a quick breather to the green way near our house the other day and it was absolutely lovely. The sun was setting and the air was cool...mmmmm. I'd rather be outside than indoors. So, for me it was a much needed taste of heaven. At this particular green way there are horses, sheep, goats, tons of trails and historical log cabins. Everything ready to be enjoyed and explored.

My FAVORITE boots.

I got back into my cut offs, finally. Couldn't quite button them, so I had to use my bella band. Almost though, almost. ;)

Jess' Threads:

Cut offs from American Eagle
Belt from Scotland
Antique key that I bought and put on a leather cord


Káel loves daddy time.

Auntie Rivka came along to enjoy the outdoors. :)

Even in life's down to earth moments, my boy is a boy of nature.

My little man is 6 weeks old now and I can't figure out if it seems like it's been a quick 6 weeks or a long 6 weeks. The hard parts of mommy-hood are getting easier and the once easier things are starting to prove a little more challenging.

My life is truly beautiful though, despite the sleepless nights, and seemingly endless greasy hair days. When at one time, at the end of a day I used to mull over all my creative ideas regarding art, fashion and decor-I now think, "Shoot, did I even put deodorant on today?" Realizing Sam will be home within 10 minutes, I rush to the bathroom, baby in my arms, rolling on the natural order killer, spray the perfume and try to put on a little eye liner. While I'm smiling and looking at my man with dreamy eyes, I'm secretly praying that I look and smell like I've had a shower. Ha! Oh, motherhood, I love you.

Every beautiful thing on earth has some sort of difficult/painful/rather complicated aspect linked to it, right? So, I'm taking each trip up, fall and strained emotion as planned choreography to my beautiful dance of life known as parenthood. Meltdowns and all.

(By the way, in case you're wondering why my son is sucking on my pinkie...it's an always available pacifier to him. Learned in a book and he liked it.)

8 thoughts:

  1. How do you tie your scarves? (You should blog about it!) I just cut old t shirts and tie them around my hair!

  2. You look so great! And I love hearing about the daily life of motherhood...reminds me of what I already walked through with my son and a refresher for what I'm about to have to do again!

  3. You look great! And Kael looks like he growing so much! Such a little cutie.

  4. Love the pictures!!! I noticed an Uppababy Vista in the background of one...how do you like the stroller?? Any negatives?? Positives?? We're thinking of getting one and I would love to hear your opinion!! :)

  5. You look wonderful! I used to think that six weeks seemed like such a long time, and now, when I think of my upcoming maternity leave, it seems like such a short period of time. He's not even born, and I'm already worried that it will go by too quickly.

  6. haha! just before the hubby came home for lunch, i smelled the pits to check for the stink factor. that and a quick run to the bathroom to brush my teeth. thanks for your lovely blogs...i always find you and your little family encouraging, inspiring, and absolutely adorable!

  7. You are so amazingly beautiful. I hear you paint. We should paint sometimes together. I think we make beautiful paintings. :*

  8. I agree that you should make a post about tying head scarves! My hair is only shoulder-length, but I think I could still make it work. I'd be super grateful :)


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