Stuffy Noses and Little Giggles

posted on: Monday, October 18, 2010

My constant companions the last 3 days. He HATES the booger taker-outter.

Well, it happened. Káel got his first little bout of the sniffles. I found myself texting and facebooking girl friends asking what I should do. I remember my friend, Kristina from All Together Beautiful blog telling me when her little sweetie first got sick, what she did and how she felt. She laid awake listening to her little congested breaths feeling helpless.

Yep, I felt the same way. The three days prior to being sick, little Forest man was very reluctant to being held for any long period of time. This made me kinda sad. I didn't realize how much my heart was feeding from the feeling of his little self all curled up on my chest. Well, once he started feeling poorly, it was all momma. He slept on me, like all day and night. He would start crying after a bit, when I put him down. But, when I picked him up and would sing to him, instantly calm. *happy sigh* My mommy heart was heart broken that he was sick, but in heaven that I was comforting him.

My little man was still smiling and giggling even when he had fever, and major congestion. My little pumpkin.

A friend of mine had this made for my little woodland dreamer.

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5 thoughts:

  1. aww, the giggles are so adorable!

    hope he feels better soon

  2. he is such a cutie, too cute for words :) i hope he is feeling better and the sniffles go.

  3. oh...aren't giggles just the best?

    I pray he's better soon! Adoration slept on my chest the whole time she was sick too. I couldn't stand just leaving her laying there with that stuffy breathing.

    Thanks for the shout out! xoxo

  4. He looked so handsome in those giggles.


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