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posted on: Friday, October 22, 2010

Yesterday, I went out with my sister Beka to the mall. I needed to get out of my familiar and immerse myself in a little bit of social culture. So, off to the higher end mall we went. I downsized my baby bag, slung my Moby Wrap around myself and tucked the little bug inside of it. He slept for 3 hours solid in that thing! It was almost like I was baby free for the whole outing.

Lunch at the Nordstrom Café...Chinese chicken salad. Oh, glory.

We went to go visit and show Káel off to some of our friends who work at Anthropologie (Beks and I used to work there). While browsing, I saw this bit of amazingness. A chandelier made from book covers that have been cut into strips. Ah. I am so going to make one of these. It would be so easy and simply fabulous.

It was crazy going back to this mall with m'babe. I found out I was prego while I worked there at Anthro last year. I remember bursting into work one morning, during Christmas time and exclaiming to my co-workers and managers the exciting news! (The thing everyone tells you NOT to do. I couldn't hold it in , are you kidding me!?) My first days of learning that I was a mommy were here at Anthro. And my first days of morning sickness, and ravage, beastly hunger. I remember, I had a continual stock of crackers up on a shelve in the stock room.

Having a baby seemed so far away at the time. He was mine, in my tummy and it was hard to really imagine anything different. But now, here I was, almost a year later, with my baby. The atmosphere was the same, the smell was that same amazing "Baltic Amber" scented candle that is so the trademark of Anthro - same familiar faces, plus one extra little one. The one that had been chillin' in the mommy spa while I worked here. I looked down at him and thought,
"Here is life Káel, say hello."

A funny story for you.
SETTING: Last year, before Christmas. So, I've known I'm prego for 2 weeks. I call my mom on my way to work (We were waiting to tell our folks on Christmas day, so she had no idea yet). I hang up as I walk into work. I see one of my girlfriends who I work with and start to tell her our plans to surprise my parents on Christmas with the news that I am pregnant. As I clock in, I go into all the details of what we are planning.

(I had told Sam a month before, "Whenever we do get pregnant again, in the next year or two, (HA!) we should plan on it happening around Christmas, so we can give that news as the present to everyone." I didn't mean THIS Christmas though. Hehe.)

Little did I know, as I'm rambling on, I had accidentally re-dialed my mom! She heard the WHOLE thing! (I just found this out a couple of months ago by the way. ha!) I went about my day, happy with what I thought was a SECRET. My mom, spent her day screaming throughout the house with my dad that they were going to be Grandparents and trying to act chill for the next few weeks every time we talked.

Along comes Christmas and my sweet parents tried to act really surprised. I thought, they were just in a joyous shock. I go back and watch the video, and I laugh so hard. They actually tried to act like they didn't know what that plastic stick with two lines and a plus sign meant as they pulled it out of a little gift box. Let alone the baby sock. Soooo funny! They didn't want to burst my bubble that they had known for weeks so they waited to tell me until they knew it wouldn't bother me so bad. Oh Jess, ultimate cell phone fail. I'm notorious for accidentally calling people. I don't know how I do it, but I do.

Beka told me I looked like a ninja. Black leggings, black scarf, black top and to top it all off, a black Moby wrap. I can get behind that. Boho Ninja Mommy! HAAAAAAAH-YAAAAH! Don't mess with me! ;)

We trotted from store to store, laughing, cutting up, and just being the crazy girls we are. Beka laughed at the fact that she was carrying Káel's bottle throughout the mall at one point like it was a Starbucks... "Things have certainly changed," she laughed. Dude, they certainly have. During our wonderful outing, the little prince adventured in dreamland with dozens of people, oooing and aahhing over him. And Beks, she is amazing! We have so much fun together. She's the amazing Auntie Rivkah. ;)

HA! I had one lady give me a double look and say, and I quote: "Oh my, when I first saw you I thought you just had a REALLY big boob, but then I realized it is a baby." With that she walked on out of the shop without as much as another breath. Wow, that was random. I wondered as she left if she really meant to say that. haha! I laughed.

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  1. Voted again for ya! :) I love baby slings - they're so precious! If I could ever brave the world of fashion retail again, I'd work at Anthropologie - just so I would HAVE to shop there. :) :) :)

  2. Awww thanks girl! :) oh yeah, way too much of my paycheck was spent there! Haha

  3. Hey Miss Jess, how do you vote for a blog..?

  4. Hey! You just click the brown bar that sats top baby blogs and then click the brown screen that follows and you've voted!

  5. The next time I have a baby I am getting one of those Moby wraps! That's just awesome! :) I had a sling but that looks even better!


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