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posted on: Wednesday, October 27, 2010

See these amazing little feathered friend ear bobs? Well, my sweet romantic of a husband made these for me and surprised me with them out of the blue this week. I was so giddy when he presented them to me right before we headed to bed. Come on!!! What hub makes EARRINGS for his lover girl? *smile* I love them. I love them even more because he knows what I like and he made them. It's amazing being truly known by another soul. I think my most favorite thing in all the world is being known by my man. From the smallest of things to the biggest. He knows me and I love that. Yeah, these are just earrings, but they were like a sweet little kiss blown my way.

I think you grow into a whole new deepness in love and life when you have a little babe. We have laughed more, cried more (well, at least I have). We've been frustrated more, loved more and known a trueness about each other more than ever before since the stork flew to our house 2 months ago. With marriage, your heart is an open book. Add a baby and both your hearts are splattered all over the place in one big mess of love because you realize what your love can do

"Love and life aren't perfect," some quote goes. Well, I like this unperfectness the best. Yes, please.

When the day is done and all the little frustrations of the day are starting to get fuzzy...the pee all over that shirt I love, the growth spurt that requires endless boob sessions and the day where it seems like we've barely spoken, the evening sets in while the baby smiles at us and my man sits on the couch with me, kisses me gently and whispers, "I love you."

Thank you baby for the little kiss. It was so much bigger to me than you know.

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15 thoughts:

  1. wow! i'm impressed! those earrings are so awesome. :)

  2. I just released a flood of tears for a good minute or so. You write about love so accurately without the intention of it, love in its purest, rawest form, its so amazing.

  3. Oh my! How did he make those? How incredibly, INCREDIBLY sweet :) Have a beautiful week! :)

  4. I just wanted to say that I found your blog a few weeks ago on top baby blogs and I've been voting for you ever since! I too love owls and all things boho (especially baby bumps)! You have a lovely family and an adorable blog. :)


  5. I'm so glad your man gave you a gift that's not only from his heart but made by his hands! I knew from the start you two were meant to be together and I haven't changed my mind for one breath of a moment! This is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in our eyes - Psalm 118:23!!

  6. What a gentle sweet man you have!! I'd love a sweet gift..sigh..

  7. i know what you mean about crying more. my son is almost five months old and i love his daddy even more now. this made me teary. so sweet he made you those...<3

  8. Your man is awesome!! I don't know any guy who would MAKE earrings for his wife, that's so sweet. That post had me in tears, you two are the loveliest couple. <3

  9. I adore the earrings Sam created for you, they are just oh,so fab.

    The Petunia Pickle Bottom bag is precious, and your photograph of it is complete awesomeness.

    You are such an amazing young lady, Jess. I share your blog with so many people because to be honest, it just makes this Moma D (my grandma name) smile every single day.

    I will continue voting and reading!

  10. “You can always tell what kind of a person a man really thinks you are by the earrings he gives you.”

    -Audrey Hepburn :)


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