Update: Little Sparrow Song Mathis

posted on: Monday, August 23, 2010

For those of you who have been following my tweets you have been hearing the progress of little baby Sparrow Song Mathis. She is the 1 week old TODAY baby of my dear friends Jessie and Mark Mathis. She is an amazing little miracle and just had heart surgery a few days ago for her congenital heart defect condition. To catch up and read her amazing story click HERE on her blog.

She is 1 week old today and is doing very well! She is opening her eyes, is very alert, got to taste her first taste of breast milk and LOVED it her momma tells me! Keep little Sparrow Song in your prayers over the next few days as the doctors monitor how her body adjusts to all the changes from the surgery. I'll be posting updates on my twitter if you want to know how she is doing.

Also, her daddy, Mark, (who is an amazing song writer/musician) is giving away all his music for free in celebration of their little bird! Check it out HERE. and send them some love. :)

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  1. My husband is giving all of the proceeds of his song, "Bird Sonnet," to the Mathis family, as well! Check it out! www.christopherkincaid.com

  2. She is the most beautiful girl. I read her story and couldn't stop crying thinking about how she is such a fighter and has such a beautiful story to start her wonderful life with. Please let your friends know we are praying for their precious little Sparrow daily.

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