Simple Days

posted on: Saturday, October 13, 2012

Since Cedar was born, I've made it more of a priority to have the camera out to catch sweet moments and simple happenings around my house. Every few days, I'll sit down and look through the pictures and just smile. Little things, like Kael's favorite toy of the day laying on the ground, or a ridiculous mess that I'm sure I'll laugh at after the fact or a little old man expression on Cedar's face.  These are my simple days. :)

Lately, I have successfully been getting rid of SO much STUFF. "Stuff" has been the plague of my existence. As much as I like to pretend I am, I'm NOT one of those naturally organized people. I always end up with way more odds and ends than I have room for.  And good lord, how many musty, vintage books can a girl have?! Well, just come over to my bungalow and see. Do I need 10 old mason jars? No. How about 2 or 3?  I can happily say though, that I have de-cluttered my life more in the past couple of months than I ever have before, by keeping only what I truly love and consistently use. I've gotten rid of clothes, furniture and just excess junk (cool junk, buuuuut junk none the less.)

These last few weeks I've been trying to focus on strengthening my inner Amanda, or Sheila, or Sarah... ( These are friends of mine that do have this gift like, whoa!) I've been trying to organize in such a way that accommodates my un-organized tendencies. Does that make sense? I'm figuring out  what works for me ,on the fly and what doesn't. I've tried different methods of organizing my closet for example. You know, those fabric hanging shelf cubbies that velcro to the closet rod? I always start off with everything folded and sorted. Within a month it's all stuffed in the wrong slot. Those awesome for some and nifty inventions, don't work with my weakness to pile and stuff. I finally figured out that I have too many clothes... So hopefully,  me weeding through the threads, will give me a boost in the orderly arranged apparel department. The lists in my mind (and the ones scribbled down on random pieces of paper) are starting to have lots of finished checks and scratched off projects! Kinda making me happy and motivated to continue.

Here are some simple moments from my days this past week. 

there's a little bear napping in there....
nature's sway organic baby hammock (future posts on this to come.)
one project that's been hanging over my head that I finally got started on, almost done.
5 week old wonder

the new addition to our home. my childhood kitty, hannah. she's pretty darn happy to be with me again. kael loves her. 
Someone wanted me to take his picture after I had taken a ton of Cedar yesterday. This boy seriously makes my heart feel a kind of wonderful that is unearthly.

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  1. Ahhhhhh, I wanted a baby hammock so badly but we didn't end up going with one at the very last minute. So curious to hear your review -- it's something I definitely want to consider for baby #2 (not that I'm expecting that anytime soon!).

    Good for you for de-cluttering! I'm the same way -- unorganized and a lover of stuff. I need to follow in your footsteps and get this place organized, as best as I can. I need to de-clutter. We have so much useless stuff, but cool stuff, but still just stuff. Haha.

    Beautiful photos! What an amazing family. <3

  2. love this! and daniel tiger's neighborhood :) that's a new favorite of micahs! want to come declutter at my house, pretty please???

    1. haha... ;) kael loooooves daniel tiger's neighborhood. is it just me or does it make you think of a Hawaiian version of mr. rogers with animals. ;) won't you be mine, won't you be my neighbor? ;) ugga mugga lorni.

  3.!. I've been taking tons of photos like this since baby was if I could just get around to making those photo books I've been putting off...,

  4. Such great moments you have captured! I have been slacking the taking pictures department, you just inspired me to pick it back up again!

  5. keep this little moments in your memeory!

  6. mama-razzi gorgeousnessyness (yes, I've invented a new word for how beautiful and love saturated these shots are). Happy to see your sweet crew are savouring the moments there!
    mel ;o)
    needle and nest design

  7. i cannot even handle how grown up kael looks. is this the plight of the older baby in a 2 in 2 years situation?! sweet little love... so big & yet still so small.

  8. Love your photo wall. I've been meaning to do something similar in my house since we moved here nearly 2 years ago. Reminds me I need to get on that :)
    Gorgeous little moments, and your cat is beautiful.

  9. i love this so much! i have been doing some crazy organizing clothing wise.. it's nice to pass on or goodwill old items. i love the way you talk about your boys, it seriously makes me so excited to one day be a momma myself. i love your blog, you are an inspiration. peace.

  10. your kitty is beautiful! As are your family of course ;) xx

  11. Love your blog! and so interested to hear your thoughts on the baby hammock as we are expecting #2 in about 6 months... Blessings to you & your beautiful family!

  12. What wonderful pictures.. a sweet sweet family you have.

    I just nominated you for this getting to know you blog post thing, I just published mine so take a peek. xxFernxx


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