posted on: Monday, October 22, 2012

One of the things that I'm looking forward to most in the coming months and years is, watching my boys grow as brothers. There is something so special and intriguing about the bond that brothers have. And of course,  the wrestling, pretend adventures, the messes, stories and more messes. haha. Last week, we had our first episode of brotherly "wrestling," oh lord. After lounging for a bit on the bed with Cedar, I grabbed our camera. I was actually able to get them, somewhat in the same picture which is kinda a rare thing. Well, my Forest decided to body slam all of our pillows. He had an audience and his own personal paparazzi so, why should he just sit there? Then, he looked back at me with a very knowing, boyish grin and proceeded to step on his brother and then tried to pounce on him. I grabbed him up before he had the chance to do the later. Then, I just laughed as I picked up a very startled and mad Cedar. haha. You boys. 

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  1. Too cute!! This makes me super excited to have a little boy in my life very soon :)

  2. This is cute and ohohoho, if anything my friend has talked about. They'll have quite a lot of fun.

    Though, hopefully or not, they may far in each others faces, bare butt to face, among quite a lot of other things. xD

    Haha, makes me happy that although I had a brother, I was not a boy.

  3. YES! I have three little boys aged 5, 3, and 1 and let me tell you, the fun never ends around here (ha! for them, anyway)! The bond that the three of them have already is incredible. They protect each other, wrestle, fight bad guys, read books, make forts, wrestle some more, giggle, run around the house screaming while naked as a jay bird... it is fantastic to see. I am sure you will love every moment of those rowdy and sweet boys as they grow!

  4. my boys are 4 and 1 now and watching their "brotherhood" evolve has been one of the biggest blessings of my life :)


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