Dear Kael

posted on: Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hey Kael, it's Momma...

Gosh, the last couple of weeks have been crazy, huh? What are you thinking? Have you figured out that this new little person is ours? I've been trying to give you your space with Cedar, not trying to force him on you too strongly. I figure you'll come around...and you are.  I'll ask you where your brother is and your eyes light up, as you point to him.  You know he's something special, though you don't have too much interest in him. You've got important things to do like, body slam onto the couch, figure out puzzles, build big towers and pretend that you are a tiger or an elephant (the later is your current fav).  It makes me smile, knowing that you guys will one day be up past your bed time while trying to figure out a way to convince us to let you stay up and wrestle for just 5 minutes more. It's going to be crazy wonderful. Until then, you are perfectly happy to wrestle and scream with your daddy or your friends, Oliver and Dash. 

Just two days ago, and for the first time, you consented to "holding" your little brother after bringing me his space man jammies.  You apparently wanted me to put them on him and you stood there until I did. (I thought the outfit I had on him was cute enough, but obviously not to your tastes that day.) haha. 

I have so much fun celebrating your mini conquerings and creations. You, proudly bringing home your paintings and art projects from preschool, are probably some of my absolute favorite things ever. Hands down, the best! You walk by "your" art wall, in the hallway (where of course I display your masterpieces) and point to your favorite painting that you made with apple stamps. I delight in how you love to create. You are rather partial to markers, *ehem* more like sharpies. I have no clue why. ;) (It's from me, I've been obsessed with sharpies for years and you are like your momma.) This Friday, when I picked you up from school, you gave your teaches and friends hugs bye-bye, like really sweet, heart felt hugs. Ah! Being your mom is so great. 

Over the past week, I've been asking you, over and over, how you got so big? When did this happen? I hold your face in my hands and look at you, looking at me with happiness in your are such a big boy. A few days ago, you passed out on my chest. You were out cold! It was pure heaven. I didn't move. I just stared at your sweet face, laying on me and kissed your yummy cheeks. They still jiggle when you walk...It's your daddy's favorite thing.

I just wanted to take this lull in the day, while you and your brother are napping, to write you a little note. We've had a really fun time together this week and I wanted to tell you so. 

Oh, one last thing. You say bye-bye with a Texan accent. Yes and thank you!? Um, coolest kid ever?! haha. You're my first little love, buddy. 

I love you. 


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  1. I adore your son! He is truly an amazing little man. So love that I get to see him grow and change. And I love how you write. They are your pictures on the wall for us. Thanks for sharing your creative juices and the masterpieces that are your children with us. :-)

  2. how cute are your two boys!!!

  3. I love these letters- it's going to be so wonderful to look back on them when your boys are growing up!

  4. I so love this post Jess! It brings back wonderful memories of how I felt being YOUR momma! An incredible thing it is, the love a momma has for her baby! Keep writing sweetie! Your boys are so gonna love reading these when they are older. You are truly and amazing momma!

    Love you so much!

  5. Amazing pics! Kael should be a poster child for toddler-iPad advertising. He loves that thing.

  6. I must confess I'm a little (like quite a bit:-)) jealous of you and your sweet boys!

  7. Beautiful letter :) and beautiful photos :))

  8. Oh, maybe I'm just hormonal but this made me tear up! What sweet boys you have. I'm pregnant with my second who will be born just after my first baby turns two, similar to Cedar and Kael, and I love reading your posts about the two of them. Makes me that much more excited for this next chapter. Thanks for sharing your special notes with us, and of course these beautiful photos.

  9. Your pictures (and family) are beautiful!


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