Baby Makin'

posted on: Saturday, June 18, 2011

There's more baby makin' going on in the circle of my friends! Yesterday afternoon I met up with my beautiful friend Rebecca to enjoy the fun experience of doing the baby registry with her! She is 7 months pregnant with her and her hubby's first baby, a little boy! (Yay boys!) She is such a beautiful love and is going to be the most amazing mommy! It was so much fun! Any of you ladies who have been there done that, know how overwhelming it can be the first time you walk into a baby store. Ok, so I need to register for a which of the 200 choices do I pick? AH! *fainting, or quickly switching to overload-shutdown mode as you quickly start heading toward the exit*.  I had my close friend Jessie, who had already crossed the bridge of "first time registry" go with me for my first time, and it helped me loads. I was SO excited to get to go with Becca. We were like little girls in a candy store. We hit up Buy Buy Baby and Target, all in one afternoon. Seeing that one of us was pregnant and the other is...well, obsessed with both of those stores, that is impressive.

First time ever parking in the special mommy spot! 

I'm so excited to get the honor and total joy of planning a shower for Becca before her little man makes his debut! It's going to be held at their farm and is going to be one fun, shin-dig of a time! Ah! I love babies, I love my friends and I love parties to celebrate both!

Today we are headed off to another 1st year birthday party for one of Forest boy's little friends, Dashel. YAY! All these little sweeties are growing SO fast! Will try to stop back in later today with pictures! (If not, I'll try to post them very soon).

 Have a lovely weekend and Father's Day!

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  1. Its so funny seeing all this on here then on instagram! :) haha too funny! :)
    btw, you JUST started following me! :)

  2. Can't wait to see the next baby shower you plan! You should go into business! :) I hope that happens to me one day when people start letting me plan parties! :D


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