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posted on: Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Head on over to my friend Danielle's blog (one of my absolute favs) and see where she featured a few of my musings on mommy-hood on her blog! :) Click HERE.

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  1. Thank you so much for saying it's okay to supplement and give your baby formula! I have never felt such guilt as to when I stopped pumping and started formula feeding. Some people made me feel like I was feeding my daughter poison! Haha. Now, 6 months down the line, I have a great peace about the situation! Loved your guest post, love your blog!

  2. I just now stumbled across your feature on Sometimes Sweet, and although I did comment over there I just wanted to say to you directly that your words hit home to me and I so appreciate your openness and honesty on such tender subjects... especially the breastfeeding subject. I just now, two months after switching over entirely to formula, had the courage to write about it myself for the first time... so finding your post was amazing timing to say the least.

    It's so easy to get caught up in all the individual facets of motherhood and judge your abilities based on how things turned out in one tiny little area of the whole picture...

    I have so much more to say, but would wind up writing a novel for a comment, so I'll leave it with a simple, but extremely sincere thank you!

  3. hi! i just read your feature on danielle's blog, and i wanted to know how good it made me feel to have someone with a similar situation. i had no milk issues until my son turned four months, and for the past few weeks my milk has seemed to diminish, and i have felt guilt over supplementing with formula. but i know i shouldn't.

    anyway, i just wanted to say thanks for what you had to say! :)


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